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All the Npower selected volunteers can now proceed to upload their posting letters on their profile page. The letter will be signed and stamped according to guideline. To find out how and where to get your npower deployment or posting letter 2018, you need to read the guide on this page carefully.

The N-power program is a program set to empower youths especially the graduates who have not been gainfully employed in any federal government sectors. This program is to last for a period of 2 years or beyond, depending on time specification.

The program started in the year 2016 where about 200,000  graduates were employed. Now again the second batch or rather the final batch has been mobilized and the process of getting their deployment letters are what we will be showing them.

Now, we have received a lot of complaints from people on how they have been misguided so far on getting Npower Deployment or Posting Letter 2018. So we have prepared this guide for you if you wish to learn the right way.

Npower Deployment or Posting Letter 2018

Npower have made it’s formal way of recruitment very free and open, and in this all individuals are expected to know what to do next after each step.

So, Now at the steps of getting the posting letters, please Note, there are two ways of getting npower posting or deployment letters:

  1. Get n-power posting letter from your school (place of deployment) where you are posted
  2. npower posting letter can be gotten from your local government area of deployment.

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Where to get Npower Batch 2 Posting Letter

Haven confirmed your profile at npower profile page;this is what to do next:


go to your local government area of deployment to get your serial number, this serial number will determine where you can go in search of your deployment letter. Find out from them where people who fall at your serial number range collects their deployment, locate the place to collect your posting letter.


Npower, have before now posted your deployment letters to your place of assignment, so the school, hospital  etc. were you are deployed to are expected to contact you. However if you’ve not been contacted,then you can use the option A above to get your posting letter.

How to Upload your N-power Posting Letter to Your Profile Page

Your npower recruitment process doesn’t end at you getting your deployment letter, you are also expected to upload your deployment letter to your profile page, so here is how to do that:

  1. go to any computer center to scan you deployment letter
  2. log on to your npower account using your login details
  3. click on your photo or name to take you to your profile page
  4. scroll down to select ” Upload my deployment letter”
  5. upload your letter and
  6. click on “SAVE” and sign out.

Note: You are expected to finish this process on or before 8 August 2018, failure to do so will result to denial to salary. for any questions, complaints or guide, you can reach us on +2348034761177.

Good Luck


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