OkCupid Online Dating Site Registration Steps

Relationships can be somewhat very challenging just like a toss. If you’re lucky and play your role very well, then you’ll surely meet your perfect soul mate. On the other way round, u might just be unlucky and fall into a death trap. Before you know it, your relationship will just crash drastically as the case may be in the current world dating records. So if you’re actually not ready to fall into that kind of category, it’s better for you to know about OkCupid online dating site.

OkCupid online dating site offers you the chance to Sign up and embrace the grand opportunity to witness a very secure and reliable dating experience. Prior to your registration process, you have to properly provide necessary personal information about yourself in order to locate a perfect and compatible match for you. To enhance your sign up profile process, you’ll have to engage in simple head-to-head questions which you try as much as possible to provide relevant answers to in order to complete your profile updates. So all you need to know about the OkCupid online dating site have been properly highlighted for you on this site.

Review of the OkCupid Online Dating Site

With a high number of users on this site, you’re surely guaranteed a perfect match of your own via your profile identification. After engaging in the questions and answers mode about yourself, everything you said will be linked to your profile thereby making the information public so other people searching for matches can be able to see.

You can get your compatible match as swiftly as possible with a highly accurate matching rate whereby the percentage of matches are being calculated for you to see in order to discover the perfect one for you. Should there be any case where you’re listed amongst those that have high ratings after the rating process; an email will be sent to you indicating that you’re now on the site’s list of most attractive users.

This site has a very tight security & privacy pattern. This is because you can be able to make your profile visible to only those signed in as the OkCupid members. Not only that, you can also be able to block users you don’t want to have access to have a connection with.

Getting Started

Getting started with OkCupid is free and easy, though paying for the site has its perks. Unpaid users see advertisements on the site, while paid users – known as the “A-List” – enjoy an ad-free experience. A-List users also can see everyone who has liked you, see who has read your sent messages within conversations, advanced search features, custom ordered search results, and special identification in search results.

Registration for this site very easy and it’s equally free, so have to get started by following the link provided below.

  1. Firstly, you have to go to the site>>>https://www.okcupid.com/
  2. Then the next thing you have to do is to click on the “Sign up” icon.
  3. You’ll be required to fill your personal information and submit to the site.
  4. After the process, you’ll then engage in the aforementioned questions and answers mode.
  5. If you want to view another user’s profile to know more about the person, you can just click on “The Two Of Us” icon to compare both your questions and answers match with theirs. If the answers are compatible, it will show a black shade. Then if it doesn’t, it will show that of a pink shade.

Memberships and Cost

Once you register for free as a new member and engage in the routine tutorial process, you’ll have to go for a full membership status for just (9.99 pounds) over a month. Although if you decide to go for other months purchase, the prices will not be stagnant as it tends to decrease.

The Mobile App

OkCupid online dating site is available on mobile for quick access. You can download the app via:

Download App for an Android phone>>> OkCupid Google Play Store

For iPhone devices, click>>>>OkCupid iTunes App Store

Download for Windows 8 Phone>>>Windows 8 OkCupid download

Download for Blackberry Keyone>>>Download OkCupid on Blackberry Keyone

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