OoVoo.com Signup | Steps to Create ooVoo Video Chat Account

ooVoo has recently developed as being one of the fastest growing sites for your online video chat and messaging. In this site, you’re assured of socializing and catching fun with your friends on ooVoo through instant messaging and video calls. Irrespective of the fact that you’re not close with your friends or family, you can still connect with them on ooVoo through texts, sharing of pictures, and video messages, etc. All you need is to first learn how to create ooVoo video chat account.

In ooVoo, you equally stand the engage to engage lots of friends at the same time in a single group chat where you all can also engage in video call same time. There’s also the ooVoo app to download in any of your devices and start chatting with friends online. You’re probably in the right site that will put you through via how you can be able to create ooVoo video chat account.

How to Create ooVoo Video Chat Account

Given any kind of device you’re using, whether mobile phone or a computer device, the steps below will help you to create ooVoo video chat account.

  1. Start by visiting the website at oovoo.com to view the official page.
  2. Then click on “Free” which is located at the bottom right side of the screen.
  3. You’ll then have to choose the type of device you’re using.
  4. After that, click on “Download” to install the app in your device and tap “Ok” once the installation is complete.
  5. Then choose the language of your choice and click “Next.”
  6. You’ll then have to fill in your personal information like Full Name, Email Address, Gender, and DOB.
  7. After that, click on “Sign Up” to set up your ooVoo account.
  8. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be sent a link via your email containing your ooVoo user ID which you’ll be using to sign in anytime.

Now that’s how it’s done! You can go on and start making use of your new ooVoo account instantly. You can also sign up on ooVoo through Facebook if you wish to.

How does ooVoo Work?

Once you’ve finally known how to create ooVoo video chat account, you’ll then have to get started. At first, you need to make sure that your device camera is active and sharp in order to drive a quick connection. So, therefore, once you open your installed ooVoo app, you need to click on “Accept” via the Terms and Conditions of this social platform after going through it. You have to make sure that you carefully chose your desired username because you cannot be able to change it again. You’ll then have to add your friends and then start engaging in video chats with them.

How to Add Friends

Once the ooVoo is now open, you’ll see an orange icon which is quite large requesting you to Add Friends. You just have to click on the “Add friends” to see your list of options. You can decide to use the search bar by clicking the “Search ooVoo” button and type your friend’s username or email so far the person is an ooVoo user. Once you’ve finished searching for the person and the username appears, you can, therefore, click on “Add” and wait for the person to accept your friend request before chatting and engaging in video calls with him/her.

You can also decide to add friends through your Facebook account if you want to. Although, you’re Facebook friends list will automatically appear if you signed up through Facebook. Once you tap on any of your friend’s Facebook username that appears, you can then click on “Add.” You’ll now, therefore, wait for the person to accept your friend request so you can start chatting and engaging in video calls online with him/her.

You’re also free to invite a friend that has not yet signed up to ooVoo. All you need to do is to click on “Contacts” > then click on “Invite your Friends” > after that, just enter your friend’s email address, and then wait for ooVoo to send an invite notification to the person.

How to Video chat on ooVoo

In order to see who’s online, you have to check your friends’ list on the left side of your screen, if there’s a green circle beside the name (just like Facebook), then you know that the person is online.

All you have to do is to double-click on the person’s name > click on the video camera which is located next to the name > then start a video chat with the person so far he/she picks up your video call.

Just like I stated above, you can engage in multiple video calls at the same time. But first, you have to add more friends to join the ongoing conversation. All you need do is to click on “Add to Call” > tap on “Contacts” > then scroll down to your friend list in order to find the person you want to add > click on “Add Friend” and wait for them to answer.

How to Deactivate your ooVoo Account

You have to be aware that you cannot permanently delete your ooVoo account, but rather you can disconnect all your personal details from your account. So if you feel like you want to close your ooVoo account at the main time, you’re free to do so. Although, the processes to do so via the mobile app or web browser are different, considering whichever on you sued to sign up.

If you signed up through the mobile app; just open the app and log into your account > then type “Closed” > click on your profile photo > then select “Settings” > after that, go to the Privacy & Security and change the search preference to “No One” > you have to then remove your profile picture > after that, you can finally delete the app.

If you signed up via your web browser; you have to sign in to your ooVoo account first > click on “My Profile” > click on “Edit My Profile” > then change your display name and remove your display picture > after that, click on ooVoo > click “Settings” > then locate “Privacy” > you’ll now have to change your search profile setting to “No One” for people not to search for your username > then still go back to ooVoo > then click on “Emails” > after that, go to Notifications and uncheck the boxes to stop receiving email messages from to your account.

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