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As many people become more involved with dating and relationships, so has there been a development of online dating sites as it is a measure been used by singles to find perfect love relationship. Some of these sites have also been developed not only for long-term relationship purpose but also for excitement. One of the examples of these sites is the Parship online dating site, which boasts of a high number of users, especially in the UK.

The parsnip online dating site has a very high level of functionality in terms of matching both parties together, no doubt why it’s considered as one of the best in the UK. With a classic and quick responsive matching system, users are surely guaranteed to be able to locate their soul-mate as swift as possible. The site equally gives you a massive boost towards the security of your account, as there have been few complaints about spam activities. All you need to know about Parship online dating site has been properly arranged for you on this site.

How Parship Online Dating Site Works

The matching procedure of this site is normally based on a compatibility test, which has to do with assessing the life pattern of a user towards a relationship. The reason for this is been the fact that people differ in their way of life, be it interest, hobby, or even personality, etc.

The compatibility average score is about 60-140 average score, which is used to calculate and compare the rate of compatibility between you and your matches. After the test must have been concluded and shows you about 100 points rate against your matches, then you should know that the compatibility rate is quite average and might be considered amongst the lists of matches.

Profile Registration Tips

1.      To be able to create your account profile, visit the site @

2.      Sign up to create the account and fill out the necessary information.

3.      Once you’re through, you’ll then be presented with a personality test. A test conducted in order to know more about you and the kind of partner you desire. This is a kind of questions and answers mode.

4.      Then after that, you’ll then be required to upload an image of yourself for clear view and identification.

5.      Once it’s done, your registration will all be complete when you then subscribe.

Payment Pattern

For a start, you’ll be in the free membership mode which has to do with the registration process, questions and answers mode, the side view, and viewing of members’ profiles excluding images.

If you then decide to go for payment subscriptions; purchase for a one-month member subscription is about (29.90 pounds) per month. Then that of three-month membership is within the amount of (19.90 pounds) per month. Well as for a six-month membership subscription, you’ll be required to pay up-to (14.90 pounds) per month.

Once you’ve subscribed, an automatic renewal will be inserted into your payment account at the end of any purchase you made. So it’s better you deactivate the auto-renewal service so as not to be charged when you’re not ready for a payment yet.


App Download

It is recommended that you download the app so to make the accessibility easier for you.

use this link and download for Android>>>Parship on Play Store

Download on Apple iTune>>>Parship on iTunes

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