PayPal U.S – How to Send Money on PayPal U.S

PayPal U.S is an American company that operates as a worldwide online payment service that supports and allows money transfers and it serves as an electronic medium rather than paper methods like money orders and cheques books.

This company works as a payment service for auction pages and sites, online sellers and merchant stores, and many other commercial services and marketers, for which it charges a fee in exchange for the benefits you get, these benefits include password recovery and one-click transactions.

Joining PayPal by having a PayPal account is just the beginning, and the benefits you get are far more than the fees you are charged.

However, there are no charges when a user or customer buys an item and pays for online purchases of sends and transfers funds to anyone.

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Payment Methods Accepted by PayPal U.S

There are various mediums available on PayPal U.S for you to send and transfer money to others through the PayPal payment system.

  1. Instant Transfer – sending money to someone through this medium actually means that the money you sent is instantly credited to the person’s account. Then that person that transfer the money to his or her bank account.
  2. Paypal balance – if you have received money through PayPal or you have sold an item on eBay, then you have a PayPal account. When you make any purchases online, your PayPal balance is used to pay. And if your balance has been exhausted, you could choose to pay by credit card.
  3. eCheck – using an eCheck is not really as instant as an instant transfer. It is the same as writing a check.
  4. Credit cards.

How to Send Money on PayPal U.S

If you want to send money for a payment for a particular service. It may seem to be one very difficult task to carry out.

However, it is not as difficult as you may imagine it to be. When you log into your account and click on “send money”, you can send money in the following ways:

  1. Personal – this is when you want to send money to another user. Or perhaps you forgot your purse at home. Using this tab can save you from harassment.
  2. Goods (others) – when you click on this tab. You can send and transfer money to anyone around you and all over the world for items you purchased anywhere.
  3. Paying for eBay items – when you purchase an item from eBay. You have to pay through the eBay system using PayPal.
  4. Services – you can send money for a service performed for you or your business.

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