How To Permanently Delete Hi5 Account | Deactivation Page

If you want to Permanently Delete Hi5 Account, Then read this Simple Article on how to go about it. Deactivation Page is easily accessible to anyone who wish to close his/her account. Hi5 helps to meet new people online through games, profiles, hobbies, mutual friends, and other interests. But if you wish to close your Account, then Read on.

To Delete your Account, you will be needing your Email Address and Password. And when you delete your account, You loose your Profile Information and anything related to you on Deleting this account is as easy as creating it too, It only takes a few step to annul your account from Hi5.

Note should also be taken that before deleting this account you should first cancel your VIP subscription if you are a VIP member to avoid future billing from your account.

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How To Permanently Delete Hi5 Account | Deactivation Page

Follow the steps provided below to completely delete your Hi5 Account;

  • Login into your Hi5 Account
  • Go to the “Account” button at the top right side and click on settings
  • Under cancel account in the settings page, click on cancel your Hi5 account
  • Select your reason for cancelling your account, then press Yes i want to cancel my Hi5 account
  • Enter your password and finally click on cancel account

It should be taken to heart and not be forgotten that your Email and password is what is needed to delete your account, if you might have forgotten your Hi5 password carry out the steps below to get a new one so as to enable you delete your account if need be.

How To Change Your Hi5 Password

  • Go to
  • Select forgot your password below the password box
  • Enter the Email address associated with your account, then click submit
  • Search for an email message inbox from tagged titled you requested a new tagged password for instructions
  • Then follow the link from your Email
  • Enter your new password twice and then click save to confirm the change

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