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To change your POF password, you will need to confirm your identity; you will need to confirm that you are the owner of the account, because it’s possible someone else is trying to change your password in order to login to your account, so you will need to prove your membership on POF.

Now before we go into the steps involved in doing that, we will like to know if YOU our reader is following, are you here because you want to know how to change POF password? or did you just bump into this article and you don’t even know what POF is all about? Alright if the second is your case, then the brief definition below is for you.

POF is an acronym of Plenty of Fish and plenty of fish is an online dating site where people connect to find love and then get married, to become a member, the person will have to sign up an account and then have a presence on POF; read the guide below to learn more.

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Requirements to Change POF Password

  1. a data to access the web
  2. an email address, the exact one you used during your pof account sign up
  3. a new password.

The Forgot POF Password Recovery/Reset option is available for everyone, so get the things listed above and then log ahead to change your password.

POF Password Reset Portal

This is how you can change your password

  • lunch your browser and log on to www.pof.com
  • click on forgot pof password recovery/reset
  • accept to receive password reset link using your email
  • now, log on to your email, you will see the pof password reset link
  • click on it to open and then re-enter a new password.

Notable Issues with POF Password Recovery

  • people complain that they don’t receive pof password reset link: Try to recall if you’e changed your email address
  • Check if your account is active.

Once you try all that and it didn’t work, you can visit us and we will take it from there.

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