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Have you sign up for pof? don’t worry? we can still allow you to do pof search without registering, you can check now how many of your friends that are register on pof, you can also see the kind of people who are our members, of course cute and rich people.

POF is the largest online dating site in the world today, it has about 900 million registered individuals with more than 1 billion messages on exchange everyday. Many have gotten married using this platform, many has gotten job, traveled from their locality to another place, many also have found love, happiness etc.

What’s More? POF has the largest online dating website in the world today, it has about three (3) ¬†strong search engines and at such, you can’t find anywhere. When in search for love, go to pof, when in search for happiness, partner etc. go to POF.

But then, if you don’t want to join yet or you will like to know first what you are getting into before doing pof registration, then you are free to use pof search engine to explore the portal.

POF Search Engines

So which one will you like to use first? we have POF advanced Search Engine, POF Basic Search Engine and then POF Username Search Engine. You can use any of these search engines even without being a member, this is to show you that there is nothing secretive about them, also it will encourage you to want to join.

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POF Registration Sign Up

Read to join now:

  • go to www.pof.com
  • click on sign up
  • fill up the form shown you and click on join.

Congratulations! you are in, but then, if you did not follow these steps shown here, you can still do your pof search without registering.

POF Search Without Registering

  • go now to www.pof.com.
  • select search, from the menus on top of your screen.
  • choose the search engine you will like to use and fill up the form respectively.
  • click on find user to see list of members bearing such details.

Happy? we are glad you are, so go on now to register if you’ve not.


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