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Learn the procedures to apply for prepaid meter online, most people prefer to run their electricity using prepaid which is the best, if you say otherwise maybe that is because you have not paid a bill of #50,000 in one room when using only TV and electricity bulb.

The federal government have instructed that prepaid meter should be given those who desires such and in this they should not be charged a dine.

Constant light has been a known challenge in Nigeria and light supply supports like Generator, lister etc.have not been very easy maintaining even if you have one. Electricity is the best, but when it doesn’t come by, you can subscribe to the service of others.

Now, if you are still using the old meter we advise now that you apply for prepaid; prepaid meter is simply pay as you use, it is like the credit which you recharge which you can give account of, instead of waiting for those young men on orange color cloth to come and bill you, you bill yourself.

Advantages of Prepaid Meter

  • recharges it anytime you want
  • no more cutting your light
  • once the light finishes, you recharge
  • no more false reading
  • no more paying for connection or disconnection fees
  • recharge your bill as much as want
  • recharge as low as #200
  • no expiry dates, so buy and keep in  case of emergency
  • you can recharge online without having to visit any power distribution company branch.

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Procedures to Apply for Prepaid Meter Online for Free

This procedures below is all you need to apply for a prepaid meter anywhere in Nigeria:

  1. visit any electricity distribution company around you to obtain an application form or visit
  2. fill up the form, enter your name or that of land lord as registered, enter your name, the house address and other details required.
  3. submit the form after filling and then wait for the installation theme

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Note: Prepaid Meter application, installation and connection is free, so hurry now to apply.

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