Procedures to Unlock SIM Card on iPhone & iPad Device

There is an issue iPhone users do encounter with the quick accessibility of their SIM cards. Sometimes you will receive a kind of unknown prompt like “SIM Locked”.  iPhone users that have encountered such should definitely know what I’m talking about. This kind of issue has become worrisome for users since there is no way you will have to gain access to your SIM card if you’ve not gone through the process of getting your SIM unlocked. You don’t need to worry much because this site has already solved your problem by providing you with the vital step you need to take in order to unlock SIM card using iPhone more succinctly.

One thing you need to bear in mind is the prospect whereby you’ve not inserted or even changed the SIM card PIN of your iPhone device. Otherwise, you have to properly check the default PIN of your carrier because this will enable you to unlock SIM card using iPhone via the use of a PIN prior to the documentation or manual process.

I know you will be very poised to see the steps already without further talks. But that’s not the case because it’s very important for you to have a clue on the easy task you are about to perform so you don’t get it wrong. The sense of knowing the nukes and crannies of this is just for you to put it into perfection and know to properly guide someone whenever you’re called to do so.

The confusion even starts to engulf when you don’t even know where to start from, whether to even break the SIM or even stop using your iPhone maybe simply because you’ve been told by an experienced engineer that the device has an issue and needs repair “Funny”.  Okay, let’s just get it over with giving the fact that this isn’t what we are here for. Now, I’m going to show you the necessary steps to take in order to unlock SIM card using iPhone.

Steps to Unlock SIM Card Using iPhone Device

There are steps which have been provided to you here on this site. So read below and follow this required step and get the job done.

1st Step: The first thing you need to do is to go to your iPhone’s “Settings” and click on it to open.

2nd Step: After that, you then have to scroll down and locate “Phone” and open by clicking on it.

3rd Step: In that process, you have to tap on “SIM PIN.”

4th Step: Hold the SIM PIN cursor and slide it.

5th Step: After that, you then have to properly insert your SIM PIN.

6th Step: Finally, you then have to click “Done” to show that you are through with the procedure.

Once you’ve successfully gone through this process, just be sure you’ve taken the right step and good to go! See the sample image below for a clearer view of how it’s done.

Steps to unlock your SIM card using iPhone

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