Procedures to Use eGift Card Online – Link e-Gift Card, Check Balance and more

For you to use eGift card is something that has been growing more popular currently in the global financial world. Using this payment system card serves very well as a clear alternative to real cash transactions. This simply means that with this card, you can be able to make purchases very easy. So to engage in your online transactions, you have to upgrade your transaction status and start now to be able to use eGift card.

Upon your purchase of the card, it’s not something that quite takes quite a time for it to be delivered to you via your email address. But before then, you have to agree to terms and conditions of this card before you start requesting for it. You can also be able to redeem the card once it’s expired just like a normal debit or credit card. Not only that, you can also be able to accept eGift cards via the Square Sale app where you’ll be requested to input your 16 digit code.

Prior to the customer’s point of view; your customers can be able to make order from your order page where relevant information and delivery are been made. Once a transaction is been made by your customer, the balance of the eGift card balance on any transaction can be checked via original eGift card email. So all you need to know about your eGift card balance and equally the transaction status can be checked on the page.

If you deal with eGift cards sales, you’ll be charged a rate fee ranging from 2.9% once your customer makes any purchase of your card. But no fees is been charged when the customer makes use of the eGift card. And also, if a payment is due to be made, then your customer will also be required to enter respective payment information so as to receive an email for confirmation. So, therefore, the site has prepared for you guideline that will help you to be able to use eGift card.

Vital Tips on How to Use eGift Card Online

Most of the things being done prior to this process have been detailed for you below, starting with the setup.

How to Setup the Card

  1. In order to setup your eGift card you need to visit your online Square dashboard located at the Gift Cards icon.
  2. After that, then you have to select “Configure Order Page” so as to configure your eGift card order page prior to the designs and size of your choice.
  3. Then after that, copy your order page URL so as to share with your customers.
  4. Finally, click on “Save”

Edit your eGift Card Order Site

  1. The first thing to do is also to go to your online Square dashboard.
  2. Then select “Gift Cards” from the left corner of the navigation panel.
  3. You can now select “Edit Order Page” from there.

Link your eGift Card

This link can be done on both email or even via the use of a mobile number. If you want to use your mobile number to link the eGift card, you have to Select “View your eGift Card” from the eGift card email > Enter a 10 digit phone number > then tap “Next”.

Charge eGift Card

You can charge your eGift card both with the redemption code or even probably on file. See steps below:

Using the redemption code, you just have to Enter a custom amount > then tap “Charge” > from there, you’ll to click on “Gift Cards” > then enter your 16 digit redemption code > then tap “Charge” so as to select a payment card for your transaction.

In the other way round, if you decide to perform this action on file, you have to Enter a custom amount > tap “Charge” > then click on “Credits and Gift cards on file” > Search for a customer with a Gift card on file > then tap on “Charge” to select the payment card for your transaction.

Check eGift Card Balance

This is a process where you’ll have to use the Square app. If you’re using a Smartphone or a Tablet, the steps to perform this task have been detailed for you below.

Via the use of a Smartphone; Go to the online Square dashboard > tap on “Charge” > then tap on “Gift Card” > then select “Balance” > then enter your Gift card number and tap “Check”

Using an Android Tablet; Still go to the Square dashboard > then tap “Gift Cards” from your item library > Enter your eGift card number and tap “Next”.

Once you’ve performed this task, your balance will then be displayed to you.

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