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Why not Join the Uber community now and enjoy a massive financial boost? You stand the chance to be employed by the Uber Company probably as a professional driver in a business line. All you need do is to follow the guidelines which have been packaged here on this site in order to set up your an Uber account Registration.

Going through the process of creating an Uber account is quite easy and can be completed within few minutes. All you need to is to make sure you have an active valid email address and mobile number. This follows with a strong password which will serve as your security key to keep the account safe.

In terms of payment, you’ll also need to provide details about your payment information via credit and debit card numbers. After the confirmation, you’ll then be directed to the company’s app, which will be of a personal use where you alone can be able to access your own account. But also, you can even use the app and request for a ride. So read more below and see the steps that will guide you to complete your Uber account registration.

Uber Account Registration Guideline

Here is how to create an Uber account on your device and get started.

1. Using your phone or PC to create an Uber account can be done as quickly as you can imagine.        Using your device, you’ll have to download the Uber app from Google Play store. Or probably log into the site via a web browser.

2. On the main screen, you will be asked whether to “Sign In” or “Register”. If you have already created an account on the Uber website, just enter your email or username and your password. If none, then tap “Register.”

3. The registration screen will then appear asking for your name, address, phone number, and credit card number. Just fill out all the necessary information and start using Uber.

4. After the process, you can now choose any type of vehicle, depending on their prices. Going through this process requires you ticking your location for easy detection from your company’s vehicle.


Note: If you created an account on the Uber website on your computer, a confirmation number will be sent to you, which you will need to enter whenever you log into your Uber app.


How to Sign up for Uber Driver Account

With just some few steps, you can also be able to set up your Uber driver account.

  1. First Step: Go to the website @
  2. Second Step: Then click on “Become a Driver” at the top right corner of the signup page.

    Uber Driver Account Sign Up Page

  3. Third Step: Fill in your information in the field provided.

    Uber Driver Account Information Submit Page

  4. Fourth Step: A sign in page will appear requesting you to sign into your newly created account.

    Uber Driver Account Sign in Page

  5. Fifth Step: After that, your uber dashboard page will then surface indicating that you have successfully completed the process.

    Uber Driver Account Home Page

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