ProtonMail Login | Secure Email & Encrypted Email

ProtonMail provides free and end to end encrypted emails through a web interface and mobile apps.

Exporting the emails and accessing them by any other means can be difficult, challenging a little bit and Proton mail will offer more productivity features itself.

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It provides a free and encrypted email (s) with up to 500mb online storage and its paid account contains about 20 GB.

Emails sent from any proton mail service and within its system or can be self-destruct or past their expiration date. And messages will disappear from the proton mail system and will be no longer accessible.

ProtonMail Pros

There are Pros and Cons that goes with this Mail and below we will be giving you the Pros of the Mail.

  • Protonmail helps you with easy and secure encryption within the system and the passwords encrypted messages by regular email.
  • You are allowed to set emails to expire if you like.
  • The proton mail pp for IOS and android lets you access protonmail even faster on smart devices.

ProtonMail Cons

Just like the Pros below are the Cons that every users must look into before making use of this mail.

  • Protonmail do not offer IMAP or POP access and cannot collect mail from other accounts
  • 2-step authentication can improve security even further and you can’t export your PGP key
  • Protonmail can be more helpful organizing mail and suggesting replies.

Sending and Receiving Encrypted files in ProtonMail

If you exchange emails with another proton mail user. The messages are encrypted automatically with their key in your browser or smartphone app- and only deciphered when the recipient open them.

When send messages to an email recipient who does not use proton mail, you get option to encrypt it with a password. The recipient can pick messages using the proton mail web interface and the password.

From the same interface,Secure Email & Encrypted Email they can reply in encrypted manner using your proton mail key as well so much for the security.

Organizing and Finding Mails in ProtonMail

On the receiving end, protonmail offers the useful basics in its web interface. The folders you would expect including “archive” and spam and color-coded labels you can use to categorize mails, stars to make mail stand out.

And rules that can perform a few actions, such as labeling mail, free accounts are limited to one custom rule.

If desired proton mail groups emails threads and you can filter folders fast for just unread messages.

Speaking of selecting and discovering, proton mail offers email search of course but the fields you can search for are restricted to the messages headers-senders, subjects, dates etc. Encryption prevents proton mail from searching message bodies.

How to Create a ProtonMail Account

You can create a proton mail account manually if you follow these simple steps

  • open any web browser on your mobile or PC
  • enter the url on the web browser you open
  • Click on Sign up which is close to login icon. Select Your Proton Mail Account Type for a free account.
  • Then straight onto Free to expand the free account’s section (if not visible).
  • You can choose a paid Proton Mail account plan, which can get you more storage, filters and other features and can also support Proton Mail development.
  • You can change your account type at any time after signing up to upgrade- or downgrade.
  • Type in the username of your choice which would be used for your Proton email address, over Choose, under Username and also the domain. The characters are best accepted in lowercase characters.
  • Underscores, dashes, dots and a few other extra characters can be used as well. But do note that they don’t count for the uniqueness of a ProtonMail user name i.e “example” can be the same user name as “example”.

How to Login Protonmail

In case you find it hard to login to your account then follow this steps below:

  • Visit the web browser
  • click on the Login icon
  • enter your Username and password on their boxes
  • Click Login to log you into your account
Now you can go ahead and make use of the ProtonMail freely once you follow this steps above.
Enjoy every best of Protonmail, are you make use of it Secure Email & Encrypted Email Service
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