Qeep Dating Registration | Download Qeep App Apk

Over 20 million members are already on qeep and more than 10,000 people join qeep on daily bassis. So you can wait’t anymore to do your qeep dating registration.

You can join today to discover people with the same interests as you;  a lot of things are happening already online and you can be left out. Well if your friend can be honest enough to tell you were he/she met his spouse then you won’t be needing to be pushed before you can sign up account.

You can find partners, establish real and strong relationship and you can even play match, like and get matched to members who like you. Well, all are attainable just after doing qeep dating registration.

Out major interest here is to show you how you can create qeep account  and perhaps find a date. If you are desperate enough you will be sure to be chatting with your partner minutes after your sign up.

Qeep Dating Registration

The first step towards being on qeep is downloading it’s app, qeep is like snapchat app, 2go and the rest that will first connect you via the app, so lets stet with the download now:

  1. open your browser and log on to www.queep.net
  2. click on the download icon (you can download qeep app for apple phone, android…)
  3. install app into your device
  4. locate app on your phone and click to open
  5. ones opened, enter a username
  6. enter your email address
  7. select your country, city, gender, birth date
  8. formulate a password
  9. enter your mobile phone number and click on sign up
  10. verify your registration and set a profile picture.

Successful! You have created your qeep dating account, so quickly find and connect with new people far and  nearby, also chat for free, catch fun and find the love of your life.

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Qeep Login

With your qeep app, there is no formal login process, so simply open your qeep account from your mobile app. Meanwhile, if you desire to log on to qeep website you can do so from your web browser and using the portal we showed you above.

How to Deactivate Qeep App

There is always a solution to everything; if you signed up qeep account and you don’t want to be on it again or you’ve found a partner and you won’t be needing to be flirting again, then you can deactivate your account:

  1. locate app on your phone
  2. press hard on the location of app to bring it to the dashboard
  3. press hard on it again and swipe it to the delete box to uninstall.

Hello! you can now enjoy your qeep dating and when you find him (her) tell him that i was the one that showed you the way.


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