Quickest Way to Reset Amazon Account Password

It has been noticed that some Amazon users normally decides on storing their passwords on their respective devices, or even handles it carelessly which tend to make it prone to fraudsters.  Given the fact that there are many fraudsters around the corner waiting to jump in at any given opportunity, this is surely a very dangerous and a vital security tip to take note of. No doubt that your Amazon account credit card information might be at a very high risk due to this process. You have to try as much as possible to keep your information very safe by not keeping your password exposed. So if you need to learn how to be able to reset Amazon account password so to be mindful of any unusual activity.

The case is not even about knowing how to change Amazon password, but will you be able to use a very secure and strong password to do so? Much is being been highlighted about this not just on Amazon account alone.  Passwords should be long strings of random letters and numbers, with a mix of lowercase and uppercase characters. So, you should be able to try as much as possible to make your password very difficult for fraudsters to detect so that your account cannot be easily accessed by fraudsters.

Security and privacy are considered as the major priority in Amazon. This is due to the fact that there are a lot of email addresses and passwords which have been posted online. Irrespective of the fact that these emails and passwords don’t have anything to do with Amazon, it is noteworthy that there are some users of the same exposed email addresses who still make use of Amazon and might even use the same password for the Amazon account also. The bottom-line of this is that it is very important that you desist from using the same password for different kinds of accounts to avoid catastrophe and downturn. The site has prepared for you how you can be able to reset Amazon account password very swiftly.

How to Reset Amazon Account Password

For you to change/reset your password on Amazon, you have to make sure that you’re about to make use of a more complex and longer password as this is very important so to make it very hard for fraudsters. And again, try as much as possible to create something unique like more of numbers and letters combination so it will be very uneasy to guess.

So, therefore, follow the steps below if you wish to reset your password on your Amazon account.

  1. The first thing to do is to go to the site @ amazon.com
  2. Then go to Accounts & Lists.
  3. Click on Login & Security.
  4. You’ll then have to Sign in to your Amazon account.
  5. Then click on “Edit” which is located next to the password.
  6. Enter your current password.
  7. Then enter a new strong password of your choice.
  8. You have to reenter the new password you’ve inputted.
  9. Then click on “Save changes”.

That’s just how quick and easy it’s been done!

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