Quickteller Global mall: Internationally Shopping Made Easy

Quickteller Global mall – In this article we are bent on giving you all the information you’ll be needing to know aboutHow to shop Internationally (US & UK) to Nigeria with Quickteller Global mall.

With Quickteller Globalmall, Africans to shop directly from hundreds of US & UK websites and have the products shipped straight to their home, office, or pickup location of choice.

With the Quickteller Global Mall application, you have instant access to shop on premier US & UK sites, even on those sites that typically ships and don’t ship to your country.

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How to shop with Quickteller Global Mall

We’ve outlined every steps that you need to take in order to carry out this procedures, it is quite easy and much more faster, only if you follow the below processes.

It all begins from

  • Creating the account.
  • Getting to know your products.
  • Add to cart.
  • Complete the payment and then wait for your products to reach your doorstep.

If you already have an account with Quickteller, you don’t have to worry anymore, just login and continue. But if you don’t have, then you much create one immediately. Creating account is just simple.

NOTE: All the below procedures must be completed on Google Chrome App, if not so, you can’t order anything. Nothing will work without the use of the extension or app.

  • First of all, download the Google Chrome browser.
  • Install the Quickteller Global Mall App, or extension Using this LINK.
  • From Chrome browser and click on the LINK above, then click on “Add to Chrome”.
  • Now a message will pop-up, click on “Add to Extension”.
  • It’ll redirect to Global mall Quickteller dashboard
  • Then click on either “Login” or “Sign-up” to create account. Create an account, by entering all your details.
  • When you have successfully created your account, installed the Chrome extension, and login.

Visit Site

  • Go to Globalmall.quickteller.com.
  • Scroll down, and click on any of the international shopping mall (I used Amazon).
  • On clicking on Amazon link to shop, you’ll see the “Shoppers Rule”
  • You must accept, then click on “I agree to these rules”
  • You will be redirected to Amazon and you will see the image pop-up:
  • Now click on the close at the bottom of the pop-up notification.
  • Search for the products, by searching for it. Or you can enter the link in the tap to continue with the shopping spree.
  • After you must found the product, click on “Add to Cart”
  • The page will reload to cart, click on “Checkout / Pay Now” at the top of the screen
  • You will be directed to the Global mall Quickteller to complete your transaction.
  • Now scroll down a bit and choose any of the “AMAZON.COM SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS”
  • If you entered more than one address during the account creation, then you can “SELECT YOUR DELIVERY ADDRESS”
  • If you were given any promo or coupon code, then you enter the code at the blank space and click on “Apply”
  • Payment method: Choose the card to debit, and enter your details
  • Cross check everything and click on “Pay Now”
  • Your payment will be processed, and if completed you will receive both email and sms.

How to track your Order

When your order has been confirmed, your account dashboard will change automatically to this platform:


To track your order, follow the below procedures:

  • Go to your dashboard
  • At the top right hand, click on “My account”
  • Under the Order history, click on the “Courier bus service” logo
  • All your order will be listed there.

Under each products, you can find if it has been processed, and shipped from US, or UK. Then you can also checkout the Tracking ID, which is under each products, just click on it and everything will be shown to you.

When my products was shipped out of US on the 30th of January, which is very important. Anyways, I received the products on 11th of February, which is approximately 13days.

Now you can proceed to make your international shopping using the Quickteller Global mall…Kindly use our comment section below for more inquiries…

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