Quora.com Signup Process | How to Access Quora Account

Quora has ever since improved as being one of the best legit sites for most bloggers. It has been the direct source of knowledge for many bloggers that are login into the site. Quora allows you as a blogger to showcase your post with the prospect of gaining a new audience and their thought on your contents. Put simply; you as a blogger engage in question and answer process with other users who in turn has are bloggers with the motive of sharing knowledge together based on helpful matters. This site will then have to show you the guideline on how you can create and access Quora account.

Quora does help to improve your insight as a blogger. One important aspect about it is that it helps you to generate traffic to your blogging site, and also tends to help you be an expert on any particular article you’re based on. Not only that, it equally helps to boost the quality of your content, and your search engines, otherwise known as your SEO. So, therefore, you don’t have to relent on this one. Just follow the guideline provided here for you in order to set up and access Quora account.

How to Access Quora Account

You first have to sign up before you can be able to access Quora account. See the steps below:

  1. You need to visit the Quora homepage at https://www.quora.com/.
  2. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be requested to sign up either with your Google account, Facebook account, or any other email address you have.
  3. You’ll then have to enter your login information which has to do with your username and password depending on the email address you chose.
  4. Then click on “Accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” at the bottom of the page and then tap “Next” to move to the next step.

What’s Next on Quora?

Once you’ve finally signed up on Quora, you’ll then have to state your interest in a variety of topics which will be presented to you. You’ll then be directed to select about ten topics that have a close relationship with your blog topic. But you can still select others that are not related to the view of changing later.  You’ll still be asked to state the relevant topics you know about, and also select relevant topics that rack up more followers. You can select or skip the language part depending on your choice.

You have to note that Quora is a very mindful site, meaning that any information you’re stating about yourself must be accurate and legit. This information must contain your education, location, and probably your employment. If you want to make changes to your profile, just click on “Add profile credential” and then proceed. You also have to write a brief detail about yourself. In order to do this, you just have to click on “Write a description about yourself” and then start stating your biography.

The next thing you need to do is to upload your profile photo on your Quora account. This photo is what that’ll be used to detect your actual self so that your audience can know you. Quora states that it’s advisable for you to use the same profile photo you’re using in your blogging site and most of your popular social media accounts.

What’s Interesting about Quora

One interesting thing about Quora is that you are also free to share your views on your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Probably, any answers you get prior to questions you asked on Quora are free to be shared on these social sites. All you need to do is to connect your Quora account with your social media accounts via the Settings option.

You can still optimize your Privacy Settings if you want to. From this option, you can decide to set the visibility of your Quora account profile. Or even as such, you can still decide who sees your answers, or anyone that wants to comment on your answers and posts. All you need to do is to click on Settings > then tap Privacy > then click on “Allow any person on Quora to send me messages” and that’s all.


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