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Are you over 18 years and looking for a perfect friendship to settle in? No doubt that there are many online dating sites in stock but it depends on whether you’re finding the one that is just perfect for you. That is why according to research prior to age factor, Zoosk is just the dating site for you. This site has prepared for you all you need to know about the Zoosk online dating site.

Not only is Zoosk is quite unique in the senses that it helps users to find the perfect love that is right for them very easily. Due to some few complaints about its members of late, the site has been poised to deliver even better than it has done before. So read further below to know more about the Zoosk online dating site.

More Details on Zoosk Online Dating Site

We’re going to show you things you need to know about the Zoosk online dating site.

Not only is Zooks considered as one of the fastest-growing dating sites, but it is also quite popular in relationship chart with a high amount of users that visits the site with over just a month. So if you’re interested in looking for a casual friendship, or that of a long-term relationship, then Zoosk is just the perfect choice for you.

Zoosk is free to join. After joining the team, you’ll certainly get a free account which allows you to create your profile, upload photos, search for singles within your descriptive location, chat with friends, and also know who viewed your profile.

Prior to your search, Zoosk allows you to search for compatible partners giving you available options so you could be able to find your perfect matches. This you can do by searching according to the preferred age you want your partner to be, the location, religion, and personality.

The Registration Process

There are steps required to sign up. But I’ll just have to give you some vital tip about it.

  1. To sign up for the service, go to site>>>
  2. Going to the site, you’ll fill out your gender, your gender preference, DOB, location, and email.

Note: After your sign up process, you’ll be matched with via an email. To confirm whether you’re interested you just have to indicate by ticking yes or no.

  1. You’ll have to upload and verify your photo. To indicate whether it’s been done, you’ll see a green photo with a verified logo, which will appear on your profile when Zoosk have reviewed your photo.

Payment Procedure

For your payment, there are options for you prior to their respective fees. See below:

If you want to make a payment, you’ll be directed to the site’s payment page via credit card, money transfer, or PayPal. It is estimated that the payment for your membership one-month subscription is within the range of $29.95. Your monthly subscription is about $19.98 totalling around $59.95 for three months. But if you decide to opt for a six-month membership, it will cost you about $12.49 per month with a total of $74.95.

To Cancel Subscriptions

Follow the steps below to cancel your Zoosk account:

  1. Go to your Account Settings.
  2. Then go to the Account Status and click “Edit.”
  3. After that, click on “Deactivate.”
  4. To confirm, tap “Deactivate Zoosk Account.”

App Download

To download the app on Android>>>

For Windows PC>>>

Download on the App Store for iOS Devices>>>

Download for Playbook and Blackberry 10>>>

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