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Save Mobile Data on Your Android Phone | With Specified Pictures

Android phones have been modified in the sense that the rate by which its apps update, video streaming, and internet access culminates at a very speed limit is quite outstanding. As the internet speed of Android phones increases at a fast rate, so does the data your phone equally reduces at the same fast rate. There are ways whereby you can be able to save mobile data on your Android phone which you might not have come across.

No doubt that internet has been widely used across the globe nowadays. This is as a result of many activities that go on the internet. People can be able to get news updates, download files, watch videos, and most especially engage in Social Chat on the internet. These activities chunk a whole lot of data from your phone.

Although, there are other unknown activities that go on your Android phones that you are not aware of. This might be as a result of negligence or lack of experience on what to do. That is why this site has prepared for you the necessary means that will enable you to save your mobile data. 

4 Easy Ways to Save Mobile Data on Your Android Phone

Read below for some compiled effective methods on how you can save mobile data on your Android device.

Set Limit to your Background Data

If you haven’t noticed, you will find out that most of your installed apps culminate high rate of data when you have a running internet. Background data helps update your running apps. But if the case may be that you don’t need some apps updating, there is an easy way for you to set a limit to your mobile data which is known as “Restrict App background data” in Android phones.

  • First step: Go to settings on your home screen and click on Data Usage.

Note: You will see the list of your apps running on background data.

  • Second step: Click on the app(s) you want to restrict.
  • Third step: You’ll then click on “Restrict app background data”Learn How to Restrict Background Data on Your Android Device

Set Limit to your Monthly Data Usage

You can set a limit to your monthly data usage in order to reduce data accumulation on your phone. This method is quite easy and accessible. With this, you can also disconnect your network automatically when you’ve reached the data limit. So here are the steps to set a limit to your data.

  • First step: Go to the settings of your phone
  • Second step: After that, then click on “Data Usage”
  • Third step: You’ll see the “Data usage cycle”. So click on the monthly periods to set your limit.How to Set Limit to Your Monthly Data Usage

Limit your Transmission Services

Viewers nowadays prefer to stream music and videos online without downloading them first. By “Streaming” I mean playback of media online. This sucks a lot of data that you can’t imagine. Trust me; I’m a victim of such. So it is advisable to do that when you are on Wifi if you don’t want your mobile data to decrease. Although there is a solution; all you need do is to reduce the quality of the media file when you are streaming. It’ll do you a great deal in saving your mobile data.

Set Apps to Auto-Update to Wifi

Here, you’ll find out that there are apps that download updates automatically in your Google Play Store. You might not be aware of this but I assure you that this chunks a whole lot of your mobile data. So, therefore, just follow the necessary steps below and set the auto-update to Wifi network.

  • First step: Go to your Google Play Store on your home screen.
  • Second step: Click on the option location and scroll down to “settings” and then tap.
  • Third step: Then click on “Auto-update apps”
  • Fourth step: Finally, select Auto-update apps over Wifi only.Set Your Apps to Auto-update Over Wifi Only Through Your Google Play Store

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