Secure your Bitcoin Account with these 7 Most Secured Wallets

Prior to past years now, Bitcoin has been subject to hacking which has led to the loss of billions of dollars. You should be able to keep tabs considering the fact that Bitcoin transactions are recorded publicly. That is why you have to take possible measures and Secure your Bitcoin Account.

It’s widely known now that Bitcoin is considered as the most valuable form of money. Once you’ve made up your mind to invest in Bitcoin, it is equally recommendable that you keep your Bitcoin wallet pretty much safe because there is a high rate of hackers who are ready to jump in at the opportunity to gain illegal access. In order to secure your Bitcoin Account, this site has packaged about seven most secured wallets which will guide you.

7 Most Secured Bitcoin Wallets to Secure your Bitcoin Account

Here are the most secured Bitcoin wallets available to help you secure your Bitcoin account.

1. Blockchain

The Blockchain is one of the most secured wallets of Bitcoin which is safe and easy to use and can be accessible for Android or iOS users. It possesses a 12-word speed backup phrase that protects your wallet and acts as a backup to ensure access to your funds.

Blockchain uses a strong encryption to create a server-side backup, making it possible that your wallet’s private encryption keys never leave your possession.

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2. Trezor

Trezor is an easy hardware wallet which you can be able to use once you are a Windows, Linux, macOS, or an Android user. With the use of this hardware wallet, you can be able to transfer a Bitcoin to a device using the Trezor interface.

Unlike the Blockchain wallet, Tresor’s word speed ranges from 12 to 24 which comes with a user-defined PIN for protection and recovery.

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3. GreenBits

GreenBits is a secure wallet which focuses on privacy. It also lets you have full control that will enable you to set network fees to your own preference. Greenbits uses a 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), possesses a multi-signature support, and supports recovery transaction if any issue occurs.

While using Greenbits, be ready to make use of a PIN, because it will be required to secure the Bitcoin. Looking at Blockchain and Trezor, GreenBits uses a 12-word seed which gives your private encryption keys 256-bits of strength.

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4. Electrum

Electrum allows you to create your wallet private encryption key using a 12-24 word seed. It equally possesses a private key strength ranging from 128-254 bits, which makes it very hard to crack. That is why it’s considered as being one of the oldest wallets available to users.

The privacy encryption type is AES-256-CBC, which is very strong. Just like the Greenbits, Electrum equally has a multi-signature and a 2-Factor Authentication. It equally supports offline cold storage and USB drive installation, which makes it accessible for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android users.

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5. Ledger Nano S

The Ledger Nano S is a very secure hardware wallet, irrespective of lack of passphrase support. It also uses an offline 24-word seed recovery phrase, which enables it has its own secure environment. This wallet is always safe from malware software even if you connect to other devices. You’ll enjoy it when you use it.

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6. Jaxx

Jaxx is another popular secure Bitcoin wallet, which allows users to manage large portfolios from a single location. Just like the Blockchain, Jaxx equally uses a 12-word seed and 128-bits strength to create a private encryption key.

Jaxx stores all information directly to your computer without storing them on centralized servers. Jaxx is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

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7. Mycelium

Above all, this is one of the best Bitcoin wallets, with an excellent Google Play Store reviews. It boasts of security features like; cold storage functions, PINs, private encryption keys control, and multiple account management, which are reliable to protect your cryptocurrency on your Smartphone.

Just like others, Mycelium doesn’t feature a 2-Factor Authentication or a Multi-signature support but you’ll have to set the app with a PIN. It is supported for Android users.

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