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If you’re kind of person that receives quite a huge ton of messages on your email account, which you may not even be able to be notified for them, well this post is just for you. With the processing of the Google Priority Inbox, it is easier to move your inbox messages to different locations. No doubt most users have accessed this feature but felt disappointed in the past. That is why this site has decided to update you on the feature and help you separate your email messages

One major important aspect of this feature is that it sorts out your email messages by transferring the important messages to the top and thereby separating them from others in your inbox. Google Priority Inbox is quite essential for users because nobody will just waste his time going through unimportant inbox messages. So, the feature will do you a great deed by moving those unimportant messages and save you the stress.

Once you turn on the Google Priority Inbox, You will always be alerted via your Google account whenever important messages arrive your inbox. With this, you don’t need to bother yourself checking any message that arrives your inbox as it can be annoying to see that its only messages that don’t matter that have been sent to you.

The first action Priority Inbox takes is to monitor the messages you read most. This can be done by tracking a specific sender whose message you pay attention to most. So what it then does is to arrive at a conclusion and marks those kinds of messages labelling them as important. But should there be a case where it detects some messages which you pay less attention to, it will just mark it as unimportant messages. This action is taken by the Priority Inbox in order to separate your email messages and give you notifications on the important ones to read.

No doubt nobody is above mistake when it comes to predictions. Even machines don’t seem to get it all right when it comes to knowing someone’s feelings. That is why you need to perform your own task by monitoring the Priority Inbox activities prior to marking of your important and unimportant messages. So all you need do is to click the small yellow tag in order to switch the message’s importance. For the shortcut, use the + and – keys on your keyboard.

You can also use the Filter tool is essential in boosting the learning process of the Priority Inbox, which helps to filter your email without much work. For instance, if you want to mark email messages being sent from your work partner as ‘Important,’ all you need do is to create a Gmail filter that matches your company’s email domain and check the column which is written: “Always Marks as Important.”

How to Use the Gmail Priority Inbox to Separate Your Email Messages

Now, the steps below will then show you how you can be able to set your Gmail Priority Inbox.

  1. Firstly, Log in to your account @ Gmail Login Page
  2. Then go to the top right, and then click “Settings” to configure your inbox.The Settings of Your Gmail Page
  3. Click on the Inbox tab.The Inbox Tab of the Gmail Account Page
  4. Type Priority Inbox in the inbox section.The Priority Inbox of the Gmail Page
  5. Choose other inbox settings, to determine the kind of sections you want.How to Select a Section From Your Gmail Inbox
  6. Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.How to Save Changes in Your Gmail

Note: When you choose the “priority inbox” setting, your emails are automatically split into three sections: important and unread, starred, and everything else.

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