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Joining the Facebook community is something you need to relish the opportunity to. Considering the fact that it is the fastest growing social media on the internet right now, its speed of communication and connectivity is quite a great deal. With just a few minutes, we will show you how you can be able to set up your first Facebook account for free.

There are some interesting things which you can be able to do on facebook like; updating of your profile and photos, letting your friends know where you are currently with pictures which you will post and tag your friends for easy recognition, send messages and media to your friends, and also, you will be able to poke your friends on Facebook.

What kind of device supports Facebook access? Most people that have not yet created a Facebook account might be reluctant in the sense that they are not aware whether their respective devices support Facebook. Be it any kind of device, once it has an internet access, you can be able to set up your first Facebook account with it and start making use of it.

How to Set up Your First Facebook Account

The steps to be taken in order to create your Facebook account are drafted below:

  1. First step; you have to open the Facebook homepage @
  2. After that, you then have to enter your personal details like; Name, DOB, Gender, Email Address /Phone Number, and your New Password. Then click on “Create Account.”Facebook Create Account Page
  3. A five-digit Facebook confirmation number will be sent to your mobile number. Enter the number and click on “Confirm.”Facebook SMS Confirmation Number
  4. A new page with the list of friends which you may know will appear. You can add and go to “Next” if the lists shown to you are people you don’t know.Facebook Add Friend Confirmation Page
  5. Click on the Facebook logo at the top left and move to the Home Page. It is vital but optional to upload your profile pic for easy recognition.New Facebook Account Profile Completion
  6. Your Homepage will then open showing that your account has been successfully created and ready for use.Facebook Account Completion Page

See how quick and easy it is!

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Features of Your New Facebook Account


 With the Facebook account which you have created, you can be able to engage in an online chat with your friends and loved ones. This is done by exchange of messages between you and your recipient. Also, you can be to send messages to the recipient even if he/she is not online. It will be received by the person once he/she comes online. There are other Facebook apps like “Messenger” and “Lite” which will also help you send messages very fast.

Photo Uploads

Another interesting feature in Facebook is that it allows you to upload photos of yourself and post. This enables your friends to know how you look like and even in the current time. You can also share the pictures with your friends.

Sharing of Posts

This is the widely used feature on Facebook. You can be able to post something about yourself on Facebook. For instance; if you’re celebrating your birthday, you can post a birthday write-up about yourself or that of your friends that you want to celebrate. This makes your Facebook friends to equally comment and send their felicitation comments to you.

Create an Event

With Facebook, you can be able to create events and also invite people for occasion and gatherings. This can be done by setting the date, time, and location for specific people you want to invite to be able to come.


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