Set Up Your First Twitter Card Via Proper Guideline Here

One thing most bloggers don’t know is that engaging in more tweets helps to develop website content. This is because more information on your individual tweets is shown more frequently.  Therefore, you should always try as much as possible to promote your content on social media as it’s a great way to engage with more people. This can be done once you successfully set up your first Twitter card as this helps to increase traffic to your website.

The negativity you can experience in setting up this card is the amount of time it does take, which is no problem. As at that, there is much positivity which you tend to consider that will drive you into going through this process. One essential thing you should bear in mind is that these cards help you get a proper acknowledgment for your content. Once you set up your Twitter card and someone got to tweet on that page, the card will also be attached. We will then show you how you can be able to set up your first Twitter card.

Steps on How you can Set up Your First Twitter Card

There are about two options with steps each, which will help you set up the cards. But before that, We are going to show you the different kinds of Twitter Cards which you can use depending on the type of content you want to develop and improve. See the list below:

  1. App Card
  2. App Installs and Deep Linking
  3. Galley Card
  4. Photo Card
  5. Player Card
  6. Product Card
  7. Summary Card
  8. Summary Card with Large Image

Therefore, you can now proceed and read below and see how can set up your first twitter card using manual coding, and the use of a WordPress Plugin.

Using Manual Coding

You must be versatile with coding in order to make use of this option. The steps are listed below:

  1. Firstly, you have to choose the kind of card you’d like for your page via the Twitter page.
  2. Cut and paste the code from the bottom to the top of the page and customize.
  3. Then Run the URL through Twitter’s Card Validator tool.
  4. Finally, Tweet a link to that URL to ensure the card is working.

Using a WordPress Plugin

This is an easy option to take note of, considering the fact that you install the Yoast SEO plugin. So follow the steps below:

  1. First thing is to go to the Yoast plugin, in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. After that, you’ll then have to go to the ‘Social’ page.
  3. The next step is where you’ll have to input your Twitter username and password.
  4. Then click on “Save Changes.”
  5. Go to Twitter’s Card Validator to enable your card to be approved for your site.
  6. You’ll then have to go to the Twitter’s Card Validator to get your card approved.
  7. After that, click on “Validate and Apply” tab.
  8. Then enter the URL of your page.
  9. Finally, click “Go” and wait for it to be approved


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