Seven Best EBook Reading Apps for Your Device

Nowadays, it is notable that many people now form the habit of reading with their Smartphones or Tablets, thereby turning it into their personal and easy-access library. The reason for this is crystal clear; reading with this electronic device is quite easier and much portable than carrying your big books around. Not only that, you can be able to store large amounts of books on your Phone so as to gain access to them one after the other anytime you feel like. Now see the best EBook reading apps been prepared for you on this site.

From Aldiko Book Reader to the Amazon Kindle, if you want to use one of these free eBook reading apps, you have to first download it on your device. Although, it can be difficult to find the right eBook reading app for your device that is why you need to go through this site and pick one of the best EBook reading apps and download on your device.

List of the Best EBook Reading Apps

See some of the best EBook reading apps been drafted for you below.

Aldiko Book ReaderAbout the Aldiko Book Reader.

Aldiko Book Reader is one of the older eBook reader apps, which supports EPUB, PDF, and Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks as well as eBook support for library books on rental. The app comes with customization options and global text searches inside of books. With this app, you can buy eBooks at a lower price, or you can even download directly any eBook of your choice.

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Amazon KindleAbout Amazon Kindle Reader.

Amazon Kindle has one of the largest eBook stores on the internet. The app has cross-device syncing, and even a large collection of free books. There are also a variety of customization settings while reading. You can download books for offline use and be able to read free Books.

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EBookDroid ReaderAbout EBookDroid Reader.

EBookDroid Reader app is one of the best free eBook reader apps, which is been considered as an interesting feature for your PDF files. It features support for most common file types, including DJVU, PDF, XPS, fb2, CBR and CBZ (comic books), along with the usual EPUB, RTF, MOBI, and AWZ3. Additionally, it provides dictionary support, text highlighting, free-hand annotations, and more.

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FReaderFReader EBook Guide.

FReader is one of the popular eBook reader apps supported by ads.  It also supports over a dozen file formats, which includes eBook, comic book, and even MP3 files for audio books. The app also comes with four themes, customizable reading settings, a five-language translator, (English, French, Russian, German, Ukrainian), and OPDS support.

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Google Play BooksGoogle Play Books Reader.

Google Play Books is another popular eBook reader app like Amazon Kindle. It supports several eBook formats, comic book formats, and others. The selection for this Google Play Books includes books, magazines, and others. You can even upload your books to the cloud and read them anywhere.

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Kobo BooksKobo Books Review.

Kobo Books is another online bookstore like Amazon, Google Play Books, and Nook. The app reader is free to download and it supports both audiobooks and normal eBooks. Also, the service supports other features which include; cross-device syncing, downloading for offline use, and a Night Mode for late night reading. One other thing is that the app does not allow you to import files.

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Moon+ ReaderMoon+ Reader Review.

Moon+ Reader is definitely one of the best eBook reader apps out there. With this Reader app, you can download an eBook or PDF book on your device. It supports a wide range of eBook formats, including EPUB, PDF, MOBI, OPDS, most comic book formats, and more. The app also includes over ten themes, gesture controls, auto-scrolling, EPUB3 support, and cross-device syncing via Dropbox.

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NookAbout Nook EBook Reader App.

Nook is another eBook Reader app which can be compared to Amazon, Kobo, and Google Play Books. The Reader comes with customized reading options as well as support for books, comic books, manga, and more. It even supports magazines and newspapers, and also offers cross-device syncing.

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