Seven Other Alternative Mail Services to Gmail

Nowadays, sending and receiving of information is something that is widely done by people via emails. This has to do with long-range communication into something that can be done in seconds. Gmail is one of the most used email services, which has a lot of updates since its release and a user-friendly interface. Apart from Gmail, there are also Alternative Mail Services to Gmail.

Irrespective of being active and reliable, Gmail also has its setbacks. For instance; Gmail doesn’t offer any way to import accounts from any other mail services you previously used and again scans each of your email messages.

Due to the problematic issues of Gmail, there are also many mail services you can also migrate to. With a variety of features and functionality, each of them was backed by millions of Users. But we shall focus on just seven Alternative Mail Services to Gmail.

Seven Alternative Mail Services to Gmail

these Alternative Mail services to Gmail are listed alphabetically below:

AOL Mail

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Given the fact that it is considered as one of the oldest and most popular email services, its messages are still encrypted and scanned for viruses and against spam.

AOL has a 25MB file size, enables you to have a free email account with unlimited email storage, and also an option to choose between multiple email domains.Vital Tip about AOL Mail as an Alternative to Gmail


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Facebook is another means of sending and receiving external emails, and not only ordinary messages to friends. In order to achieve this, you will need to enter the email address you want to send the email to, unlike sending a normal Facebook message to your friend’s name.

Group messages can also be sent, a conversation can be viewed, and also mark spam messages just like other email services.Things to know About the Facebook Web


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Husmail specifically makes use of the domain, but you will have to upgrade the plan if you need a custom email address.

It offers 25GB storage, email encryption and supports POP and IMAP. You can use Husmail via your browser; it has apps for a wide range of mobile devices such as Android, iOS and Blackberry.Know more About What Hushmail Offers Users

iCloud Mail

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The iCloud Mail service is well known among iOS and Mac users. You can use this service if you have an Apple ID and you can access your email via the application from your iPhone or iPad. You can also get access to your iCloud email from a PC or Android device by using a web browser and accessing the URL.

The service provides 5GB email storage and maximum 20MB sized files are allowed for upload. It allows you to sync data between different Apple devices. This email service offers high security and privacy to your emails.

Overall it is a great Gmail alternative, however, there are few downsides as well. You can’t import email accounts from other clients and can’t organize your emails in folders.Enjoy a great deed of free email storage on iCloud


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ProtonMail is a free email service which is quite easy to use because; it secures and encrypts email reasonably; in the sense that the connection of all sent data in encrypted form is relatively secure and easy. If you exchange emails with another user, the messages are automatically encrypted with their key in your browser, and only deciphered when the recipient opens them.

Sending a message to an email recipient who does not use ProtonMail enables you to get the option to encrypt it with a password. The recipient can pick up the message using the ProtonMail web interface and that password. From that same interface, they can reply in an encrypted manner using your ProtonMail key as well.

If you send an email from your email program or browser, it is delivered directly to the recipient’s email server, where they can be able to access it easily. When you send a new message or reply, ProtonMail offers all the comfort and features you’d expect: a nice rich-text editor, attachments and inline images, all securely encrypted.Secure and Encrypt your Email on Protonmail

Yahoo Mail

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Yahoo has ever since been developed, making it easier to be accessed on your computer or mobile device, from basically any email client that supports POP. Yahoo’s spam protection got upgraded greatly and SSL encryption is also available, but it has to be turned on manually.

Yahoo has made it possible to chat with friends while you read through your email and equally send and receive SMS messages too. Due to its unlimited storage, contacts can also be imported from Facebook, Gmail, iCloud, etc.Chat and send Messages on Yahoo Mail


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Yandex also lets you import all your emails with using POP or IMAP. Apps for the iOS and Android are also available for download.

Yandex offers a free address and a simplistic interface that adds some joy to browsing through your emails. You get 3GB of storage on your Yandex Disk, which can be extended to 7GB by doing a few simple things like installing the Windows application, uploading a few files and referring a friend to the service.Install the Yandex Windows App and get free storage on Yandex Mail


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