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Are you ready to enjoy the media playing all around you? Do you want to explore amazing songs that you never knew? Do you want to discover interesting song lyrics from your favorite and trending artists? Then Shazam is just here for you!

This is one of the world’s most famous and most used apps. It is used by millions of people on a daily basis. It is used to identify a song and discover song lyrics in every media playing around you and others.

However, it does not just identify songs. Remember, I said media. This means, this app is a platform for music, TV shows, movies, and audio tracks.

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How Does Shazam Work?  

This is an application that is made to recognize and identify music and other media files, based on the sound that it hears.

It is just the best way through which you can get the details of any song or media that you want. It is free and available on android and apple devices. Now here’s how it works.

If you have any music on your device, you can play the song on your background. While playing the song, you have to visit this app. The app will then identify the music playing on your device, and present you whatever details of that song.

These details are the MP3 music, the lyrics and video of that song. From there you could choose to download the video or save the lyrics of the song if you want to.

This is how this app works. It does not just work for music though. It also works for TV shows and videos. It can help you identify details about the particular media file, you are making use of at the moment.

Here’s another way it works. You really do not have to play the media file right on your own phone. You can open the app and place it close to the sound.

The app will then give you results based on the sound it hears. It is also used to identify posters, books, magazines and more!

However, you are also able to search for your favorite song and listen to it right on this app. That’s how this amazing service works. So, if you want to get the accurate lyrics and details of that song on your phone, this amazing app can help you do that!

How to Access and Use Shazam

You already how Shazam works for you. What you need to know right now, is how you can gain access to its amazing service. Where are all the music lovers out there? Join me as we get started on this one.

The Shazam App

This app is supported on Android and IOS devices. It is absolutely free of charge and easy to use. I have explained the use of this app and how it works. You can quickly get it to get started.

  • For Android and IOS devices, get on your play store/app store.
  • With your search bar, find Shazam.
  • Click on INSTALL or GET.
  • The download will begin.
  • Once the app is downloaded, here’s what you will do.  Play the media file on your device. You could also place it close to the sound or book/magazine, and open the app. This app and click on Shazam. It will then listen to the media and give you the details of your file.

For MacOS

This app is also available for download on your computer. But for the MacOS version computers. To get this app, you just have to visit the Mac App store, search for the app and begin your download.

Do you want to listen to songs on this app? Visit the app and click on My Charts. This will direct you to the top 200 songs on the app. Click on any song of your choice to listen.

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