Sign Up for 2go Chat Account – Registration Form

2go messenger is a very popular messenger form mobile phones, including the PC version of it. To Sign Up for 2go Chat Account is free, which requires only your phone number, username, date of birth, and a username. Once you have created your new 2go account you can chat and share with friends and meet new people!

On this page you will learn how to create your own profile and and login 2go account fast.Also to login to 2go pc.


Download Latest 2go Version

You can now download 2go Version for both java.jar, .apk, and Zip Application for your mobile phone.

To download 2go now;

  • visit your mobile app store
  • use the search bar to search for the keyword “2go”
  • click on it to see the link to download
  • after download, installation follows
  • now you can lunch the app to regiter new account or login your alreay existing account.

All 2go Official Website

Here are list of official 2go websites where you can login for pc, download new version, also get latest updates/news on 2go.



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How To Sign Up for 2go Chat Account 

  1. There are no other ways to register new account, apart from downloading an app through your mobile phone or you can also download 2go apk app for other mobile phones that may not have an app store in it.
  2. Now after downloading the app you are expected to lunch the app then start with your;
    > Location (country)
    > Phone number
    > Username and full name
    > You may be prompt to verify your phone number
    Once all is done (following the instructions that comes from the start and finishing point) then you have just created a 2go profile account.
  3. Now you can start chatting, doing vice messaging, sending videos and audios and other files – with your family and friends.

Now the 2go automatically synchronizes your phone contacts who are already on 2go chat messenger to be as your friends list (just as Whatsapp does too)

How Can You Download 2go PC?

Doing things on PC (most especially mobile apps on PCs) that is the reason everyone wants to use whatsapp on pc, 2go for pc, WeChat for pc, etc… The truth is that 2go app has no PC app  to download. meaning that you don’t have to download any application, instead all you have to do is to;

  1. Login to 2go PC messenger
  2. Select your country.
  3. Enter your mobile number and 2go password in the form.

Please note that you must use the phone number that you registered with on 2go.

How TO Recover Lost 2go Password

This is the official procedure for recovering a lost 2go messenger password. Carefully follow the outlined steps and everything will be just fine.

  • Just Visit
  • Chose the “Help” category on top of the new page that load.
  • Select option 5 (Login, Profile problems and Password)
  • Click on the  “I LOST MY PASSWORD” option
  • Carefully follow the instructions and your password will be retrieved



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