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If this is the first time you are hearing about “SKOUT” then you are welcome to read up about skout dating app review, the app is loudly known as Skout and it was once a social media website like Facebook.

In early 2007 when it was introduced as a social media networking app, it had facebook as one of the major competitors, but as time goes on, it cuts across just a social media networking app into what you and i are seeing today.

Skout is presently an online dating site with basic function as to find any user a date, many account users who enjoyed it’s service as social networking app are commending this new development, however the major acknowledgements goes to fact that it builds love among many.

Now, those who had an account with skout will not need to sign up skout dating account because they were previously a member. Moreover, those who intends joining now can either sign up an account as a fresh applicants or simply join the platform using their facebook account.

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Skout Dating App Review

Since 2007, skout has acquired much popularity than anyone can imagine and migrating to become an online dating site added more wings to it’s hand.

On skout, you can be able to make friends and hangout with anyone you like. Skout has both premium package and free package, so anyone can go for whichever he/she can afford. The free package permits you to create an account and mingle with the people you see there, but the premium package has got more than that for you.

Once you start, you will either have to create an account as a fresh user or simply register skout using your facebook account or gmail account.

All the same, you also have the opportunity to upload a profile phone, although this is not compulsory but you can do so if you wish. instantly brings you into the platform once you register. Users can comment on someone’s current photos and also share if they like.

Features of Skype

  • Account registration ushers you into the platform.
  • profile photo and profile updates explains much about you in a jiffy.
  • backtages hides your photos and have other people unlock them, this is fun.
  • shake on chat room to forward message to anyone who catches that, Winks!
  • want to travel? purchase a travel ticket to travel anywhere in the world.
  • use BUZZ feature to tell us more about yourself.

Woow! this is more than just an online dating, these and so many more are the features you can find on skout that is not in any other online dating site.

How Register Skout Free

If you are going in for a free service this is how to get connected:

  • open your browser and log on to
  • start filling the form which is shown you.
  • click on submit to finish your registration.

How to Register Skout With Facebook

The fastest and most convenient way to join skout is using facebook, if you own a facebook simply:

  • click to join with facebook
  • confirm your account’
  • enter your password and wiat to connect.

Like we said, you can still connect to using your google account, so if any of these steps isn’t convenient with you, you can join skout with your gmail account.

Hope this guide was ok for you, if yes, you can use the comment box below to rate our guide.

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