Smadav PC Anti-Virus – Download Smadav 2019 for Free

Smadav PC Anti-virus is a virus killing application that prevent harmful viruses from damaging the computer system. Virus is any harmful substance that have the aim of killing the hard disk of a PC Smadav PC Anti virus main advantage is its auto update features to new version (usually every 1 year) and also Smadav Anti-virus does not show offer to upgrade the Apk to pro version on every start up.
Smadav Anti-virus is very simple to use and understand. it is an Apk which may be used as a second anti-virus on your PC. The Smadav Anti-virus can also be installed together with other anti-virus application. this Application may also fix registry that’s damaged or transformed because of malware’s contaminations.

PC viruses are now increasingly common in the last couple of years. Virus exploits your computer to unwanted actions. This anti-virus is not going to make your computer slow, you may observe this Smadav anti-virus works without you even seeing it working. Smadav Anti-virus is an application that was created to safeguard your Windows PC. The smadav Anti-virus screen can be adjusted depending on your preferences. Also, there are several kinds of scans option to select from, depending on what you need. Click here to download

Smadav PC Anti-Virus

The Smadav Anti-virus was mainly designed to protect the USB devices but can be used for the entire PC system too. it can be used in addition to another anti-virus programs like Avast, Avira and so on. The different between anti-virus from others are the additional features offering more protective strategies to combat malware attacks.

If there should be an occurrence of an anti-virus in addition of firewall safeguard group, this is absolutely reasonable. Therefore, smadav anti-virus uncovers your absence of trust towards your real security.

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There are thousands of anti-virus programs on the market. So, in spite of the fact that you are looking for the best anti virus software, take a look at the features of each programs to be sure it capable of catching brand new threats together with established malware.

Features of Smadav PC Anti-Virus

  • New detection database of 123 new viruses,
  • New detection method to protect from Ransom-ware: Rumba/STOP/DJVU/TFUDET,
  • Fixing program bugs and false detection.
  • New theme for Smadav 2019,
  • Fixing bug/error in app
  • Improvement in white listing feature with new 98051 clean App database,
  • New theme for Smadav 2018,
  • Changes in terms of purchasing new Smadav Pro license from lifetime to 1-year,
  • Improvement in detection and cleaning of popular virus,
  • Enhancement of terms and agreements for purchasing Smadav Pro.
  • New methods for collecting PC program statistics to improve reputation/white list features,
  • Automatic virus upload feature and automatic virus cleaning in USB Flash disk,
  • Bug fix and improvement of auto-update feature,
  • New Feature : Restart PC for better virus cleaning,
  • New interface : Smadav Free will show messages in every startup.

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Download Smadav Anti-virus – Guide 

  • Open your PC browser
  • Search for Smadav Anti-virus or Click here
Smadav PC Anti-virus
Smadav PC Anti-virus
  • Click on the download link on the right hand side.
  • Install the Apk and enjoy.

Say no to Virus.. Wait no more and give Smadav a try.

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