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Snapchat Create Account. And so you have Facebook account, twitter account, instagram account and even WhatsApp and you don’t have a Snapchat account; Newbie! i think you are missing out, so how do you keep up to date with what your friends and family are doing, if you don’t have snapchat; how do you also share a picture story for your friends to laugh at? Anyway, you are still on time in creating snapchat account, if you will do that today.

Snapchat is one of the strongest social media platform that is pulling weight online.It gives users the best security measures that one can get. You snap pictures and make videos and sends; withing 20 seconds, it disappears before someone can copy it definitely.

It also abhors piling up datas and files which you my not need; you can imagine when your friends keep making a video, snapping pictures and pushing into your device and it enters your device permanently. This can be stressful to start deleting and all that.

Although people use snapchat on PC and tablets,but  we suggest that when you do snapchat create account you should do that on your mobile phone, for you know now the app is more of picture and story sharing and this is not what you will be suffering yourself to do with your PC.

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Features of Snapchat 

Here are the basic things you can do on snapchat:

  1. snapchat chat is baiscally a photo chat
  2. you can make a short video and send on snapchat
  3. text and chat for free
  4. you can decide on how on the duration a person can watch what you are sending before if goes away
  5. pictures and videos can only stay for a short time before they become inaccessible
  6. app is free for download
  7. app is user and mobile friendly
  8. download app before registering.

How to do Snapchat Create Account

You should go to to first download snapchat app apk for free;it’s also available on google play:

  1. open the app on your device and install appropriately
  2. enter your profile like: your name, birthdate and all that
  3. generate a username or your choice and also do the same for password
  4. use a valid email address or mobile phone number of your choice while creating snapchat account for free
  5. proof to them that you aren’t a robot and click on sign up

 How to Download or Use Snapchat on PC

Most people who are on Snapchat uses more of mobile phone device with it; only but a few uses Snapchat on PC, because does more of picture chatting However to still use snapchat on your PC, you are simply going to be enjoying alone, setting your profiles and seeing the things which you have sent.

Log in online to download snapchat app apk for your PC device, install app and connect to start using. Remember if your PC does not have a camera, you can be sure you will not be snapping anything with it.

Snapchat Logging in Steps

Ones you are in on snapchat you are in, the app keeps you connected live on it and so you can receive messages and photos without loggin in though your local browser.

SO now, enjoy your presence on snapchat and let’s have your questions if you have one.


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