Snapchat Registration Without Phone Number | Login Snapchat

Snapchat Registration Without Phone Number | Login Snapchat – Snapchat is a phone application used in snap-shooting funny photos and sharing daily experiences; it is a multimedia messaging app, that is globally accepted and loved.

You may have seen your friend’s photos with horns and pussy heads, also some camouflaged with an animal tongues and all that. All these are from snapchat, snapchat camera allows you to capture yourself with that look. Plus that, it was snapchat that first discovered that kind of camera before other cameras started adding that feature.

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To start up on snapchat you will first of all download snapchat app; don’t worry we will come to that. Meanwhile also note that you can use snapchat to share your daily experiences; snapchat has what is called snapchat stories and this is where you make a short video of yourself and share; this video is allowed to be on your status just for few minutes after which it will disappear.

No one has the right to download snap-chat memories or share someone’s snapchat stories. All these are strongly protected for you.

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Main Features of Snapchat

  1. On snapchat, you can capture and share funny photos.
  2. let your friends know what is happening to you every minutes using snapchat memory.
  3. chat all the way for free on snapchat.
  4. download app from anywhere.
  5. app is user and mobile phone friendly.
  6. swipe left to capture and right to share.
  7. start your registration with the app.
  8. don’t have a phone number, don’t worry, we will get it all fixed.

Happy? now i know that you can’t wait to be on Snapchat now, so lets get staryed below.

Snapchat Registration Without Phone Number | Login Snapchat

The step below can be followed by someone who does not have a mobile phone number:


  1. open your browser and log on to or visit any app store to download snapchat app apk.
  2. install app into your device properly and click to open.


  • insert your name in the space shown to you and tap on sign up.
  • in the next page, choose your date of birth and tap on continue.
  • enter a username that you will like and tap again on continue.
  • enter also a valid email address and tap again on continue
  • now, you will insert in the next page a password, make sure you write it down else where to avoid forgetting.
  • enter any mobile phone number, if you don’t have a phone, get the one of your friend and ask your friend to forward you the code which will be sent you after.

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Your account is ready, Congratulation, you can start SNAP-CHATTING



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