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Spotify Alternatives – Have you wondered if there was any free app like Spotify before? If you have then now would really be a good time to get your answers. There are thousands of apps like Spotify all of the world wide web today.

We would be talking about some of the top free apps we can find. These apps would be related to Spotify and because Spotify is a music platform, all apps would be based on music entertainment.

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Spotify Alternatives

Right now I can tell you about some apps that can be used as a good alternative for Spotify.

These apps are all based on music entertainment. If you are not a music lover, you might want to back out now. Let’s take a look at some of them below;


Have you heard of Grooveshark before, this app has already been rated by softonic as one of the next big apps in that provides music streaming. This is an online app that can be downloaded for free.

Google Play Music

Google play music is one of the free music apps that can be downloaded from the Google play store. It can be used on android devices. Every device that is Google play supported can be used to access this app.


Deezer is one of the other many free download apps that could be a good alternative for Spotify. This app average position on the softonic website is six.

This makes it a good match for your music streaming. This app can be downloaded officially from the Google play store.


SoundCloud is one of the many apps on iOS devices. This app can be downloaded from the iOS app store.

Sound cloud allows you to easily search share and start streaming music instantly. This app is a free app which means that it can be downloaded for free.

Sound cloud is one of the many free music entertainment apps that can be used on android, Mac, iPhones, iOS devices and even the famous blackberry. SoundCloud allows you to record your personal songs and upload it on the platform.

Other free apps that could replace spotify on iOS devices are google play music, TuneIn radio, slacker radio and my space.

Spotify’s still often considered the best, but was recently passed up by Apple Music and is facing real competition from YouTube Music.

WIth that said, each of the above services has its strengths, so test them out and see which one’s for you.

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