Steps to Create Pokemon Go Account | Pokemon Go Sign in With Google

Do you like fun? have you created the Pokemon Go Account yet? Here is an opportunity to meet fun when you create an account and join millions of players Of the Pokemon Go Game. An outstanding game that can get your glue to your device. Here are the details on how you can go about getting an account and the Pokemon Go Sign in With Google.

Pokemon Go is regarded as one Of the best games ever, due to the ability for it to be played and enjoyed online, mobile, and even in the real world.

It’s a game everyone is playing everywhere in the world and a single sign up can get you to join the millions of people playing the game. The sign-up process is FREE and after that, you will get to customize your Avatar! Then you will enter the main area of the game, which is the Pokemon Go map, an interactive map more like the animated version of Google Maps.

Before you can talk of the Avatar, then playing the game, you should know that everything boils down to the downloading and sign up process, below are the steps:

Steps to Create a Pokemon Go Account

It will be wise to create a Gmail account first if you do not have any. See How to Create Gmail Account | Gmail Registration

  • Go to your Device Store (Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS)
  • Search and Install Pokemon Go
  • After successful installation (Download), open the game and enter your date of birth when prompted
  • Then tap “SUBMIT”.
  • Sign in with Google by tapping on “Google”, and log in to your Google Accountpokemon-go image
  • Next, Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Set up your Avatar how you will love it
  • Finally, Tap on the “All Set” button.pokemon-go1 Image

That’s All, Your Pokemon Go Account is Ready.

Simple Steps to Play Pokemon Go

After you have created an account, and sign in with Google. Below are the steps to play the game

  • After the sign in with Google steps above. When your avatar shows up on the map look for a Pokemon nearby and tap on it.
  • You can use your phone’s camera to catch a Pokemon in the real world by tapping “YES, CAMERA ON!” button close to the bottom of your screen. If you don’t want to use your camera, then tap on the “MAYBE LATER” link located below the green button.
  • Tap and hold your Poke Ball, when the Pokemon is in front of you
  • When the target ring appears around the Pokemon throw your Poke Ball at him.
  • If you hit the Pokemon with your Poke Ball it will capture him.

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Enjoy playing with the rest of the members online. Tell us how you like Pokemon Go, by using the COMMENT BOX below. Also, feel free to share steps to create the Pokemon Go account on your Social Media Account so that others can still know about it. THANKS


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