Best Online dating is something that has grown very rampant in the current global world at larger. This has led to an increase in the probability of hooking up with someone of your choice. Recent development has led to the expansion of these dating sites to different countries like Nigeria. So if therefore, even if you’re living in Nigeria, you can still hook up via one of these sites. Not only that, there are also several kinds of Nigerian dating apps which you can be able to download in order to still hook up to any partner of your choice. Irrespective of the fact that you’re staying in any part of the world, so far you’re a Nigerian or if not, but relish the chance to be hooked up with your perfect partner in Nigeria, then you have nothing to be worried about because these dating apps will properly serve as a guide to you. So therefore, you have to read further below because you’ve been provided with the popularly-used Nigerian dating apps to start building your perfect relationship now! List of the Nigerian Dating Apps Check-out these dating apps as they have been arranged for you alphabetically below. Badoo Badoo is one of the currently used Nigerian dating apps which also serve as a social media app. In this app, you can be able to see people that are living within your area who are desperate to find a love relationship. Also, this app allows you to see the photos of people living in any part of Nigeria where you can be able to like or rate these photos so that you and the other user will receive a notification. If you’re making use of an Android, iPhone, iPad, or even Windows devices, this app is just the perfect choice for you to download. BeNaughty(BN) If you’re in desperate need of a flirt or a hook-up relationship, then BeNaughty is just the perfect dating app for you. It is called BeNaughty because it doesn’t restrict users from uploading any naughty photos or videos of their choice if they feel like. This specifically means that this app is for free-minded people who are ready to engage in a date. If you want to have fun via the app online, there is also a feature that allows that. So therefore, download this app on your Android or iPhone and keep the fun rolling. Facebook Most of you will be surprised to see Facebook app on the list because it’s widely considered only as a social media app. But I’ll tell you now that currently, Facebook app is the widely used dating app for most of its users. It is considered as the most popular here because almost everyone who has access to the internet can make use of it because it is quite easy. Not only can you be able to chat with your friends alone on Facebook, but you can also add other friends whom you don’t even know and start chatting with them. That is if your request is been accepted prior to the notification the other user receives. Facebook supports almost all the devices that are internet-based. So you don’t have to bother about accessing it so far your device can access the internet. So download it now and start chatting with friends and other mates. Friendite Friendite is another dating app in Nigeria which specifically deals with singles who are looking for a successful love relationship. So if you’re single, then Friendite is the right app for you because it has quite an interesting amount of users which you can be hooked up with. Prior to the device compatibility, Friendite currently supports only Android devices. This is quite disappointing for users making use of other devices like iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, etc. Mingle2 Mingle2 is another interesting dating app for singles. It helps to connects singles across Nigeria who is making use of the app no matter their destination. This app allows you to send and receive unlimited messages to and from any user of your choice. So, depending on any kind of relationship you’re looking for, this app is the right deal for you. Mingle2 dating app is available for Android and iOS users who are ready to be engaged in this interesting and wonderful experience. NAIJing NAIJing dating app is another interesting one that lets you communicate perfectly well with other users through instant messaging. It is quite a suitable dating app for you to download and have installed on your device. You’ll meet a couple of interesting users and also find a perfect match of your choice. The app is for Android users running from 3.0version and above. The app will soon be available for iPhone and blackberry devices. (SAM) Singles Around Me SAM is another interesting and powerful dating app for Nigerians. This is because this app makes use of the Google map which enables it to track your location, and equally see available singles in your area that are looking for friendship. Once you view the profiles of these singles, you can be able to send winks and messages to them, see their particular location, chat, meet, flirt, and even date. What interests’ users most is the privacy options this app has; you can Hide your privacy profile settings, Show it, or even Sift. This app is available for Android, iPhone, and probably Blackberry users. Tinder Tinder is one of the most recognizable and widely used dating apps around the world. The app is also considered as being popular in Nigeria also. It also allows you to see images of lovely people living around your place and allows you to both search and find the perfect person you like. If you’re lucky to live in Abuja and Lagos, you’ll be lucky to find most Tinder users as it is most popular in those parts of Nigeria. If you want to be searching on Tinder, you have to make sure your device is either an Android OS or iOS. For Blackberry users, Tinder is not yet updated for the operating system. Woo If you’re looking to gain love on the day of Valentine, then Woo is the right dating app for you. This is one of the current dating apps you can ever imagine. Woo allows you find your perfect match of interest in your area very quick and easy. This app does this by perfectly displaying their profiles to you so that you can be able to find those that interest you therefore making your perfect choice on any one of them. Try Woo today cos you’re going to love it! Zoosk Zoosk is very popular dating app, not only in Nigeria alone but all over the world at large. This app is been used in more than 80 countries of the world Nigeria inclusive, and equally supports about 25 languages. One interesting fact about Zoosk is that it makes use of behavioral matching mechanism to check the behaviors of its users and determine how and who to match with. It also verifies the photos of its users for confirmation. Apart from Blackberry, Zoosk is available for Apple, Android, and Windows operating systems. You can leave your Comment in the box below for more updates..