Canada today has become an entirely amazing figure and also amazing place for a tourist visit. This is due to the fact that it’s infrastructure, institutions, and probably climate change increases at a fast pace. Just like the US, Canada is a unique country with quite some interesting activities to engage in. When you think about the gardens, the lakes, and the parks, these ten best Canadian places are just perfect fit to make your holiday worthwhile.

When you think of interesting cities like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, etc., which are among the ten best Canadian places, then you probably should imagine magnificent areas and exciting recreational facilities, including some of the best ski resorts in the world. Believe me when I tell you it’s going to be quite difficult deciding which one is perfect for your tour. Now, you have to see through the ten best Canadian places which have been provided for you on this site.

List of the Ten Best Canadian Places

Read below to see the list of the ten best Canadian places been detailed for you alphabetically.

#1. CalgaryCalgary Travel Guide.

Calgary, is Alberta’s biggest city, and is also considered a gateway to the Rocky Mountains and is often the jumping-off start for adventures to two of Canada’s most famous parks, Banff and Jasper. While in Calgary, take time to visit the Heritage Park Historical Village, Canada’s largest living history museum where you can experience what life was like in the area between the 1860s and the 1950s. Not only did Calgary host the 1988 Winter Olympics, it’s also the home of the annual Calgary Stampede every July. Another interesting site that is located south of Calgary is the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, an archaeological site where Native Americans hunted buffalo by stampeding them over a cliff.

#2. HalifaxHalifax Tourist View.

Halifax, which is located in Nova Scotia, is considered as a haven for both history buffs and foodies. This city has more pubs and clubs per capita than just about any other city in Canada. Halifax is also close to the Bay of Fundy, which is considered one of the seven natural wonders of North America and boasts the highest tides on earth. Halifax is also defined by its rich maritime history, the bustling waterfront, and Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

#3. London

Not the capital of England which is popularly known, the London is located in Ontario right on the Thames River. If you consider taking a trip to the city, then you have to take on a two-hour tour of the city’s historical sites and museums, and also a visit to the Fanshawe Pioneer Village. Judging by the past years, London has quite improved a lot from every angle.

#4. MontrealMontreal Perfect View.

Montreal is a Canadian city that has blended the old with the new and the French with the English. The old Montreal district boasts cobblestone streets and some buildings that date back to the 17th century, no doubt why it’s been dubbed as the oldest urban neighbourhoods in North America.  Pay a visit to the Boulevard Saint-Laurent, which is a world-class shopping district by day and a popular party scene by night.

#5. Niagara FallsNiagara Falls Map View.

Niagara Falls is also a fun place to visit. It’s a great place to visit and see most beautiful waterfalls in the country. Interesting places for wonderful activities like the indoor water park, the Guinness World Records Museum, and several mini-golf courses are just so perfect for you to enjoy your time.

#6. OttawaOttawa View at Night.

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and is located in Ontario. Places like Rideau Canal, Gatineau Park, Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, the Canadian War Museum, the ByWard Market, and Parliament Hill, are where you should probably visit while on Holiday in Ottawa. Outdoor activities, such as hiking and white water rafting on the Ottawa River, are very popular in this city.

#7. Quebec CityExperience in Quebec.

The Quebec City has some wonderful old town buildings, where some of them are UNESCO’s World Heritage site. Quebec City is also home to the Citadelle of Quebec, which is an active fort and museum. The Citadelle is also the largest British fortress ever built in North America. Upon your visit to the Quebec City, you’ll probably witness some interesting activities to get accustomed to.

#8. TorontoToronto Contractors Insurance View.

Toronto is considered the largest city in Canada and also the capital of Ontario. It also boasts of about 140 languages been spoken by the people. It is, in fact, considered as the most multi-culturally diverse city in the world. Toronto also attracts numerous big events, including the well-known Toronto International Film Festival. If you’re in Toronto, you’ll probably see some of Canada’s most iconic landmarks, like the CN Tower, currently the 3rd tallest tower in the world.

#9. VancouverVancouver City Commission.

Vancouver is located in British Columbia and also a culturally diverse city. Vancouver offers plenty of cultural attractions, including museums and outdoor markets. And also, Vancouver is a seaport blessed with eight public beaches on the ocean and one on a lake. Vancouver also boasts of an excellent aquarium and several lovely parks, including Queen Elizabeth Park and Stanley Park.

#10. VictoriaParliament Buildings in Victoria.

Victoria pays tribute to the country’s British heritage. While in Victoria, make sure to check out its scenic Inner Harbor. Here, you will find numerous places to eat, and it is also a wonderful place to enjoy a cup of afternoon tea, a throwback to Victoria’s British heritage. It is also a city that still boasts a wild side, with elephant seals and whales which can be found in the waters surrounding the city. Victoria is just a perfect place to spend your summer holidays.


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