The 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix- Trending Horror Films

Many people think that horror movies cant be watched, but am telling you now that there are people that prefers horror movies more than anything. So these scary movies that i compiled for horror fans are the 10 best horror movies on Netflix.

Interestingly, there are many websites to watch these top rated horror movies free and even download them without subscription like Vidmate, toxicwap, o2tvseries etc.

If you have been looking for a horror movie to watch; i mean best horror movies, these movies that i will show you below are the top 10 rated horror films so far.

Think of zombies, vampires, ghosts, human flesh torn apart, oh my ghosh! how terrifying? but it becomes more terrifying and scarier when you watch them in a dark room alone at night. Horror movies are all about fear, lessons, fantasies, seeing how beyond world looks like and many more. So, why don’t you check out with your friends what these horrific movies are all about, soo interesting movies!

So with no much waste of time let us show you the top 10 trending movies on netflix so far, but don’t you want to know why these movies are scary? i will quickly show you why is scary and terrifying at same time.

Things that make horror movies scary

  • Scary places
  • The dark
  • Fear of death
  • Suspense
  • Spooky music
  • Evil forces
  • Disfigurement

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List of the Top 10 horror Movies on Netflix

Movies                                                             Year                                       Directors

  1. The Silence of the Lambs                         1991,                                        Jonathan Demme
  2. Zodiac                                                         2007,                                       David Fencher
  3. The Witch                                                    2016,                                        Rober Eggers
  4. Carrie                                                            1976,                                        Brian de Palma
  5. The Haunting of Hill House                       2018,                                       Mike Flanagan
  6. A Dark Song                                                 2016,                                       Liam Gavin
  7. Poltergeist                                                    1982,                                        Tobe hooper
  8. Train to Busan                                              2016,                                        Yeon Sang-ho
  9. The Sixth Sense                                            1999,                                       M.night Shyamalan
  10. Scream                                                           1996,                                         Wes Craven

A. The Silence of the Lambs

The 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

Can u imagine that this interesting horror thriller is a 19991 psychological movie directed by   Jonathan Demme and written by Ted Tally. This movie is the first movie to ever win award and it points at Clarice Starlings who is sent to interview a very notorious and famous killer, Dr Hannibal Lecter in his cell to see if he can be persuaded or teased into helping the agency to pull down another serial murderer, named Buffalo Bill. But how exactly will this happen? Check it out.

B. Zodiac

The 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

Zodiac is a thriller movie directed by David Fencher. However, It tells the story of a zodiac killer called “zodiac” killed many years ago that scares the police with deadly letters, clothes stained with blood, and several death articles published in newspaper. This case became the most awful crimes that cannot be solved in that country.
These police men conducted several investigations regarding the Zodiac murders. Did they later find out?

C.The Witch

The 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

This movie that was acted on 2015, is a story that emphasized on a family in England that was torn apart by witchcraft and back magic.
William and Katherine is on their best to lead a devout Christian life in a wilderness with five children but when their newborn son always vanish mysteriously and their crops doesn’t yield well as usual, they began to hate one another, is it possible? what cursed all those havoc? find out.

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E. Carrie

The 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

It is an American horror film directed by Brian De Palma from a screenplay written by Lawrence D. Cohen. A girl named Carrietta N. White, who lived a lonely teenage life but lives with her religious mother Margaret and also has a father named Ralph White who abandoned them and later died in a construction accident. Carrie is now secretly abused and maltreated by her already mentally ill mother. Due to many maltreatment by her peers, she later lost her sanity and used the wild talent she has, to seek revenge to make all her enemies and peers pay for their rude actions. Do u think she will kill her mother?

F. The Haunting of Hill House

The 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

This movie was directed by  Mike Flanagan and also an American movie is about a family that flashed back to their old home which left them with haunting and terrifying memories that can’t be erased from their memory, those terrifying events pushed them to move out of that home. Imagine seeing a ghost, seeing an open casket, a touch from nowhere, a bent neck lady oh my Ghosh, screaming meemies, night storms, oh! so scary and that’s why is among the 10 best horror movies.

G. Dark Song

The 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

It’s a horror thriller movie that tells a story of a grieving mother named Sophia that is so desperate to have a contact with her murdered son but an anti-social and also an alcoholic expert in the occult decided to help her achieve her goals. So, both of them embarked on a series of dark rituals that will help both of them to break all ties in the physical and psychological world that will heed them from completing their mission.

H. Poltergeist

The 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

This horror movie is about a ghost that always cause physical disturbances such as loud noises and moving objects move or destroy them. They can hit, pinch, bit and even trip humans.
A family’s home is haunted by many demonic ghosts. This new family is visited by ghosts in their home, the ghosts at first time turns out to be friendly, moving objects and destroying them to the amusement of everyone but they have their plans. They later turn nasty and started terrorising the whole family.

I.Train to Busan

The 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

It’s a thriller horror movie about zombies scaring passengers on their way to Busan. It’s the best Korean zombie horror movie so far, the zombies virus appears to kill mammals and reanimate the corpses but they can’t see well in the dark. The main character Gong Yoo, a fund manager takes care of his daughter the most.

Interestingly, in all these crisis there is no gun. So how do u think they will kill the zombies? This adds to the terror.

J.The Sixth Sense

The 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix


Cole Sear, a young boy that sees ghosts, visited by ghosts later got frightened by this incident. He is too afraid to unleash his unresolved problems to anyone, except Dr. Cowe, a child psychologist who has received an award by an unhappy ex-patient so he decided to kill this young boy with the same illness as the ex-patient. He is the young boy’s only hope but when the tried to reveal Cole’s supernatural power, it awakened them to something unbelievable.

The 10 Best Horror Movies on Netflix

The last but not the least is Scream, an american film directed by and also written by kevin williamson. This movie is all about a teenage girl (Sydney Prescott) who is terrorized by a new killer, a year after her mother died. Sydney and her friends started from receiving several strange phone calls but it was later found out by them that those calls so far, has been coming from a killer in a white faced mask. Find out if they later killed the serial killer?

Am so happy that you got to know the 10 top rated horror movies on Netflix on this page. Don’t hesitate to pick one of these movies aforementioned for only you and watch. Please don’t neglect to rate our guide using the comment box below.


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