The Five Best Mexican Beaches for your Relaxation

If you’re trying to make a schedule for your upcoming travel, then you need to consider taking a stroll to one of the five best Mexican beaches. Even if you feel like you don’t have anything to do in Mexico, well you have to bear in mind that the 2026 world cup bid has already been decided and luckily, Mexico is amongst together with USA and Canada as it’s a joint world cup bid. So it’s better you start considering having a base there if you want to witness the 2026 world cup where about 42 teams will participate for the first time.

To help you find the perfect Mexican destination for sunbathing on the sand and splashing in the waves. From Cancun to Tulum, these are one of the five best Mexican beaches for the main time and they are not yet ready to drop out from the list. These beaches have been properly researched and rated based on their serene environment and nice water structure. So you have to read further below and see the list of the five best Mexican beaches been provided for you on this site.

List of the Five Best Mexican Beaches

The lists of these Mexican beaches have been arranged for you alphabetically below.

Akumal BeachAkumal Beach, Mexico.

Akuma beach makes the list and it’s considered as one of the most famous beaches and attracts tourists in the area. It is practically an interesting place to swim with your family and friends. It’s also been considered as a favourite place for large sea turtles to come and lay their eggs. One other interesting thing about the Akumal Beach is that it has amazing coral beds with different kinds of fish.

Tulum BeachTulum Beach, Mexico.

Tulum beach is a perfect destination which is located at the southern end of Riviera Maya with a very nice atmosphere. You’ll see beautiful white sands beneath the El Castillo area and different kinds of limestone pools nearby which are perfect for swimming. Not only that, you can also see several amazing beach hotels in the area. The beach also features crystal clear waters and palm trees.

Playa Norte BeachPlaya Norte Beach, Mexico.

The Playa Norte beach is another popular beach you need to take your chance to visit. You tend to enjoy calm waters and beautiful white sand surrounding it. It’s also surrounded by restaurants, beach bars, and also accommodation. No doubt is been considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Puerto Vallarta BeachPuerto Vallarta Beach, Mexico.

If you want to engage in water activities such as diving, sailing, Whale-watching, and also fishing, then Puerto Vallarta beach is just the perfect fit for you. This beach has a nice tropical climate which makes it a perfect site for your leisure period. Upon your visit to the Puerto Vallarta beach, take your time to visit the amazing shops, restaurants, bars, and also a perfect view near the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Cancun BeachPerfect View of the Cancun Beach.

Cancun beach is one of the most popular in Mexico and its best known for clear and beautiful blue waters. This is a perfect beach for you to tour and stand the chance to see many restaurants, shops, and resorts. Not only that, you’ll also find ancient setups which will definitely attract you. You’ll find an interesting coral reef which is quite perfect for your diving, snorkelling, fishing, and kayaking.


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