Latest Windows 10 Update | Best New Features 2018

For all Windows 10 users, there has been a new development this 2018 by Microsoft, which has probably led to a wide range of improvement in the latest Windows 10 update. It’s good news that the Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 update comes with that of PCs and tablets. This site has prepared for you most of the interesting and useful features which you can find in the new update of the Windows 10 PC.

One thing you need to note of this latest Windows 10 update is the fact that the Bluetooth pairing, unlike other Windows PC, has been improved to grant quick access to other devices. However, there is also an interesting design with wonderful setups on the computer. Now read further below and see the interesting improvement in Windows 10.

What’s more on the Latest Windows 10 Update?

If you’re quite familiar with the Windows 10, you’ll notice the updates been made looking at these set of options been provided here on this site.

At first, there is an update on the nearby sharing in Windows 10. The update on this new option enables you to be able to share files, links or websites to friends and other loved ones making use of Windows 10 PC considering their device is nearby. One thing about this feature is that it is quite fast and also works with Bluetooth. You can still properly set it via the normal way you’d like it to work. Luckily, there are clear shortcuts to locate this option. But normally, if you want to access this action, go to the Action Centre > then tap on “Nearby Sharing” to enable it. Once you’ve enabled it, you’ll see the new share menu consisting of option files which you’d like to share. To set the visibility of your device, there are also steps to do so:

  1. Go to “Settings.”
  2. Then tap on “System.”
  3. Click on “Shared experiences.”
  4. Here, you can then set your device either to ‘Everyone nearby’ or ‘My devices only’

Another useful update which has been made is that of the Timeline feature. This feature is just an upgrade to the previous “Task View” icon where you can be able to view the activities of the running apps on your Windows 10 PC. Once your apps or activities are properly synced, then you can be able to continue with them even with a changed device. Once you click on your device’s Timeline and then be rest assured that you’re viewing the thumbnails of your active apps. In order to do this, there are steps you need to take:

  1. Go to “Settings.”
  2. Then click on “Privacy.”
  3. Tap on “Activity history.”
  4. You can now toggle the “Show activities from accounts” option.

There is also an updated option known as the Focus Assist. This option was previously known as the “Quiet hours” option. The essence of this option is to control the email or other notifications coming into your device while you’re busy at the moment. This option allows you to set your notifications to the automatic Mute option. You also have to note that there are about three set of options involved in the Focus Assist; Off, Priority only, and Alarms only. The Off option will disable every notification on the Windows. Priority option then will only disable notifications except for those apps and people you add to your priority list. And the Alarms option will disable notifications apart from alarms. To locate this Focus Assist option, just go to Settings > then to System > then tap Focus Assist.

Also, the Password Recovery option is another cool update. This option allows you to be able to recover your admin account password quite easily if you forget it. Here, you’ll be presented with about three security questions. In order to set it up at first, you have to locate the Settings icon > then click on the Sign-in option > after that, you’ll then have to click on “Update your Security questions.

Again, there have been changes in the gaming. If you want to control your apps to take a nice graphics chip for great performance, you don’t need to do this anymore through the AMD or the Nvidia’s control panel. The simpler way you can do this is by going straight to Settings > then click the System > tap Display > then finally click on “Graphic settings.

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