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Not long was the new Google Go from the developed from the Google internet service, but the App has begun to gain more popularity from most internet users, and equally attracting those that are new to the internet. Having been gaining ground now in some parts of South America, Asia, and Africa, this app has come up with some interesting features which tend to help Smartphone users have more quick access on the internet and enjoy a more responsive Web speed.

The new Google Go also has a shortcut that is based on popular social media websites such as; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. You can be able to migrate to these social sites via a shortcut even when you’re on the Google Go app. Again, these shortcuts can practically be replaced with your favourite websites. There are equally interesting categories which can be found in the new Google Go app are (Social, Entertainment, Sports, News, and Shopping). This site is poised to enlighten you more on the new Google Go app.

Features of the New Google Go App

Below are about seven necessary features put in place in order to show you exactly the basis of this new Google Go app.

  1. The Google Go app makes use of system default language, unlike the main Google app. Although, irrespective of English as the default language, Google Go app has various kinds of languages like; Afrikaans, Deutsch, Filipino, which you can be able to choose. Again, there is what is called the “language chip,” which always you to make a simple tap to switch from the default English language to your preferred choice of language.
  2. You will also be able to gain access to YouTube, Weather, Google Translates, Maps, Images, and      GIFs from the Google Go home screen, which you can be able to share with your friends with just a simple tap.
  3. With Google Go, Smartphone users especially those with a low amount of storage are able to receive search results quickly even on slow connections such as 2G networks. Since the app is only 5MB in size, it’s also faster to download and doesn’t take up much space on your phone.
  4. There is also an outstanding impact prior to its memory accumulation. For instance; the normal Google consumes not less than 330MB at a given time-frame, unlike that of 32MB been consumed by the new Google Go app.
  5. There is one other interesting thing about the Google Go app. You can be able to load a simpler version of the WebPages using the Google’s Weblight project. This can be achieved through the use of its Data Usage. Prior to Google, it is understood that the app consumes up to 40% fewer data.
  6. Once you click to search for something on the search bar, all current news will be shown to you, giving you a clear view of what is trending at the moment. So there’s no need for you trying to start inputting trending topics. Also with a single tap, you can be able to share your searches. In otherwise, if you decide to get notifications prior to the search topic you’ve done, you will be properly notified and updated on that same topic which you were searching for.
  7. There is also a well customized light theme in the user interface of the Google Go, which matched the default icon pack on Android Oreo. You can be able to add your own custom app background and customize something out of it if you feel like.


Note: This app is only for Android phones with over 4.3 versions. If your device is compatible, you can then downloading Google Go from the Google Play Store.


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