New Lenovo K5 Play Full Specifications

The name “Lenovo” doesn’t ring more often in the ears of most Smartphone users. Having been acquainted with Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, etc, it is no doubt that majority of Phone users doesn’t even know much about Lenovo. Having been recognized as a computer maker back in 2005, the Lenovo Company decided to switch into Smartphone production as at 2011 and has produced quite a lot of Android Phones. Now, the Company has boosted their active productivity with the new Lenovo k5 play.

It is no doubt that their creativity is unrecognized and continues to grow just like how they grew into one of the leading computer producers as of 2013. And now the company has taken that bold step towards increasing its Smartphone productions, most notably producing a new Lenovo K5 Play

Having been launched in March 2018, the new Lenovo K5 play quite has some unique features for every user’s taste. It comes with the much-talked fingerprint for your adequate phone security from any external user without an eligible access.

The Lenovo K5 comes with some unique black, blue, and golden colours, which is quite a beauty for any user’s outlook. You can better still enjoy a high internet speed because it comes with the popular 4G LTE network for your swift internet access.

With these developments, there’s no doubt that Lenovo will still push further ahead and be recognized as the top leading Smartphone with a very high popularity. 

 Features of the New Lenovo K5 Play 

More features which you need to have in mind while purchasing this phone have been drafted for you below.

  1. The new Lenovo K5 comes with a high 5.70-inch Smartphone screen display with a resolution of about 720 x 1440 pixels.
  2. The phone also supports a dual SIM card giving you alternatives in terms of network services.
  3. If you’re the kind that judge and compare Smartphones by its version, Lenovo K5 equally should be given a pass-mark on this one because it comes with an 8.0 Android version which is just so cool for the accessibilities you need.
  4. Also looking at the storage, this phone eclipses other Smartphones in terms of its storage. This is because it comes with a huge 16GB internal memory and a 2GB RAM. Also with the insert of a micro SD card, the total storage can equally be racked up to an astonishing 128GB memory.
  5. Just like other Smartphones like that of Samsung Galaxy, this Phone is supported by the 1.4GHz Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor.
  6. In terms of the network connectivity, the Lenovo K5 supports a 2G, 3G, and a high-speed 4G LTE for your internet access. And also, the Wi-Fi network is just not left out as usual.
  7. Lenovo K5 equally has a wonderful camera view and background. The back camera ranges to 13-megapixel, while that of the front camera comes with a fabulous 8 –megapixel for your unique selfies.
  8. You are surely guaranteed a long-lasting battery life because this phone has a battery capacity of about 3000m Ah Li-Ion, which is even greater than that of some popular Smartphones.



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