Top 10 Android Malware Removal Apps For You

Android Phones are becoming popular these days. This is as a result of the increasing amount of users it has racked up over the years now. Also, there are things which can be done with the use of this device, such as; browsing, watching movies, listening to music, etc. This has even come into the prospect of downloading these contents from the internet, which might probably harm our device due to the unprotected sources been associated with it. That is why you need the best Android Malware removal Apps to keep your device protected.

Android Malware is been neglected by some users, even though we practically know they exist and brings harm to our devices. One thing this Malware are after is to get your personal information and get it corrupted on your phone. It can even harm your phone by decreasing the battery capacity, internet accessibility, and even your data. For how long do you have to wait before you act fast? So, why not go through these top ten best Android Malware removal apps and know how they work in so as to get your device in order.

Top 10 Android Malware Removal Apps

Here is the list of alphabetically arranged and explained top10 Android Malware removal apps to help you remove a virus from your Android phone.

AvastAvast Internet Security Anti-Virus

Avast is an anti-virus tool which allows you to remotely lock and erase all your data if you lost your device. This can be done by scanning and automatically removing malware, prior to providing insight about installed apps. It can be used to create an app that comes with call blocker, firewall and other anti-theft measures. It is equally associated with a charging booster and a junk cleaner.

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Avira Antivirus SecurityAbout the Avira Anti-Virus

Avira Antivirus app automatically checks your external and internal storage if they are safe or not. The application comes with easy and useful designs. It has an Anti-Ransomware, Anti-theft & Recovery tools, and a Privacy Protection. With this app, you are ensured of more protection even with an update of the newer versions.

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AVL for AndroidAVL Anti-Virus for Android

AVL antivirus app comes with a scanner detecting capability along with an executable file making device, which provides you with 24/7 signature update services. This app is designed to be light resources when you’re struggling with a battery life. It equally has a comprehensive detection, an effective detection, and an active support system

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Bitdefender AntivirusBitdefender Anti-Virus 2018

Bitdefender is the best antivirus app that comes with an exceptionally light in weight. It has an astonishing Hassle-free operation, an unparalleled detection, and a featured light performance. But it is relevant you install a RAM and Game booster to have a swift access.

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CM Security AntivirusAbout CM Security Anti-Virus

CM security app is a great app which helps in scanning and removal of the malware automatically. The app comes with app lock and vault features to keep your private data safe and makes hidden data on your Android device visible. The best thing about this app is that it has an intelligent diagnosis, a SafeConnect VPN, and equally comes with a message security via a virus warning.

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Kaspersky Mobile AntivirusKaspersky Mobile Anti-virus

Kaspersky helps in removing a virus and works great malware antivirus app. It helps in preventing an infected app to install on your device, and equally blocks the malicious sites or links before you can be able to click on it. It comes with an Apps lock, Antivirus protection, and a Control security status.

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McAfee SecurityMcAfee Security Anti-Virus

An excellent app McAfee is an antivirus protection app which blocks access to malicious websites, scans apps continuously to check if there is leak sensitive information seen, deletes your device’s virus, and equally erase your data in if you lose your phone. There’s a security lock in it, an Anti-Spyware, and an Anti-theft.

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Norton Security AntivirusNorton Security Anti-Virus

Norton is a free app which gives you the maximum satisfaction you need to remove a virus from your device notably with the use of a junk cleaner. It automatically detects and removes malware from your Android device with ease.

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Sophos Free Antivirus and SecurityAbout the Sophos Anti-Virus

Sophos comes with various utilities to safely surf as well as call/text. It helps in removing the malware automatically when detected. With full-time scan, your battery life tends to increase one-time. Most importantly, it does monitor the health of your device on a regular basis.

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Trend Micro Mobile SecurityAbout the Trend Internet Security

The Trend is an Antivirus app which not only scans new apps for malware but also prevents newly installed app, and equally increases the device performances with the app manager. There is built-in privacy scanner which helps in removing the infected apps and files. It comes with an Apps lock, a Malware blocker, and a Smart power saver.

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How to avoid Android Malware

Apart from using the Android Malware removal apps, there are ways which you can be able to avoid the malware on your device.

  1. Try as much as possible not to download apps that are not supported by Google Play Store: These apps have a high probability of incurring virus as it is not properly checked by the unknown source.
  2. Never be tempted to download copied apps: Nowadays we have a majority of download sources, some of which possesses copied apps that you may not be aware of. So it’s better you desist from unknown sources if you want your device to keep functioning well.
  3. Check the app permission before installation: before you persist installing an app, it’s better you check the app permission. For example; your phone’s compatibility with the app.
  4. Always update your Android device: This is one major thing most users fail to do. Updating your android device is one essential issue that needs to be addressed because it brings about new features on your phone and your phone doing things it has not been doing before.
  5. Install an Anti-Virus on your device: The beauty of owning an Android phone comes with an installation of an anti-virus app. looking at all I’ve mentioned to you about malware/virus, you sure don’t need to slack on this one.
  6. Always update your Anti-virus: Having an anti-virus app installed is not the end of the matter, but you need to update it frequently if you want it to keep on functioning actively.


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