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Web technology has made everything so easy in the sense that one can download movies and TV shows from different sites. But the question is; are you downloading from the right source? There are illegal links that Google does remove periodically in order to facilitate the internet to be a safer place for search and downloads. So we are also in supportive of the action been taken by Google by providing for you the top 10 free movie download websites which are legal.

On the internet nowadays, there are lots of websites that offer you the chance to download latest movies for free online. Be it Hollywood, Bollywood, or even Nollywood, not all the sites you see on the internet are legal. You don’t have to be a victim of being prone to those websites. So in order to relieve you of such trouble, we have decided to compile a list of legally made top 10 free movie download websites.

List of the Top 10 Free Movie Download Websites

Read below and see the compiled list of the top 10 free movie download websites arranged alphabetically:

  1. Classic Cinema Online

This website offers you the chance to download or watch a whole range of classic and silent movies of your choice. One can be able to search for the possible movie content he/she desires in this site.

Go to and get started with your download.

     2.   Crackle

Crackle is another well-endorsed movie website by Sony. This site offers lots of popular movies and TV shows for free. Unlike some others, you’ll have to sign up in this site in order to create a watchlist.

Sign in via for your free movies

3.   Hulu

This website is based on subscription, which allows you watch lots of free TV episodes for free. Although, you can be able to migrate to the free account service it has limited contents. You can equally stream movies for free without any need for download.

Go to  to watch limited movies and then sign in for more

4.   Movies Found Online

With this site, you are assured of downloading free movies, TV shows, and comedy videos. With lots of public domain movies, you can generate your access towards this site. Although it is not autonomous in media uploads but offers you links for downloads.


5.   Open Culture

Open Culture offers free movies, free online courses, and free language lessons, Audiobooks, e-Books, and Textbooks for its Users. The site offers free movies at its disposal and is known for its view of Oscar-winning movies.

Go to for your movie search

6.  PopcornFlix

This website hosts lots of movies based on its categories. It is owned by Screen Media Ventures and offers lots of public domain movies and legit contents. With the accessibility of this website, you can be able to view content on any kind of device for free. It equally possesses all the necessary National Geographic series movies.


7.   Public Domain Torrents

This is a website that hosts movie torrent downloads which are copyright. Here you can download old classic movies for free depending on your choice of preference.


8.  Retrovision

Access to this site is quite simple in the sense that you can be able to have a clearer view of your ideal movie search. This is because the categories involved in this site are separated to make it easy for you to indicate the kind of movie you are looking for. Retrovision offers you the ideal chance to download classic movies for free.

Go to and select your options

9.    The Internet Archive

Via an access to this website, you’ll be sure to download multiple movies of your choice for free. Thanks to the site’s torrent links, you can be able to enjoy a variety of movies at no cost. To access the site’s forums and bookmark content, you will be given the chance to create a free virtual card.

Go to 

10.  YouTube

YouTube is an American great popular site for your video streams and download. Here, you can be able to search for popular and new trending movies of your choice. You can equally search for multiple channels on this site which will enable you to watch trending movies.

Go to for your favourite movies

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