Top 10 Nigerian Betting Sites to Stake your Games Online

Sports betting in Nigeria have been something that grows tremendously fast nowadays. This is considered the quickest way to earn money, especially for youths. Apart from countries like the US and the United Kingdom, about the majority of youths in Nigeria alone have quite improved financially through betting. This reason has led to an increase in the registration of most Nigerian betting sites. This business has continued to expand in most parts of the country as a legal business.

Due to the increase in this betting business, there has been huge competition involved. This, in turn, has led to the development and availability of many Nigerian betting sites. This business tends to help both the company, agents, and sports bettors. In terms of legality, there’s no need to bother about it because these betting sites are being regulated by the Nigeria Gambling Commission.

If you ever want to stake any game of your choice, there are available shops across the country for these sites to help you. If you also feel like staking the game anywhere, you can just register for an account online on any of the sites. So, therefore, this site has prepared for you the most popular Nigerian betting sites.

Top 10 Nigerian Betting Sites

If you want to stake your games online, then register for an account via your email address and other personal details to enjoy a good payout bonus. below are the lists of the best Nigerian betting sites for you.

1. 1960Bet

1960Bet is one of the most popular Nigeria betting sites available. Even till now, the betting site is considered as one of the reliable with a nice odd and high bonus. There is an option for you to be able to register for an account online. There are different kinds of games available like; the Australian sports, tennis, golf, snooker, pesapallo, badminton, cycling, darts, winter sports, baseball, American football, motorsport, rugby, volleyball, handball, ice hockey, basketball and soccer.

Once you win your bet, you’ll then be given up to 24 hours to transfer your money from your 1960Bet account to your bank account. You don’t have to bother about accessing the site because with your Smartphone or computer devices, you can be able to access the website.

Click here >>> to access the website.

2. NairaBet

NairaBet is known as the oldest betting site compared to the other Nigerian betting sites. It offers you quite a huge bonus payment once you win. You stand the chance to stake your bet and also cash-out even though your games are not yet through. You’ll be rewarded with an added bonus as a starter once you register for an account online and deposit at first chance.

There are also different kinds of games which you can be able to play on the NairaBet platform like; Soccer, live tennis games, virtual soccer, virtual tennis, dog and horse racing, etc. Giving the fact that this company has been developed for a long time, it has continued to be rebranding to keep up the chase with its major competitors.

Click here >>>

3. Bet9ja

 Bet9ja currently is currently the country’s biggest and most popular site amongst other Nigerian betting sites. The amount to use and stake each game is from ₦100 and above. You stand the chance to gain quite a huge amount of bonus in each game been played. You don’t have anything to worry about because you’ll be paid immediately once you’re declared a winner. Once you create your own account on Bet9ja, you’ll be rewarded with a 100% bonus once you make your first deposit within the minimum of ₦500, with a ₦10,000 bonus for you to stake your games online.

Just like others, bet9ja also has different kind of games to play. And when you talk about the soccer game, no betting site provides more options than bet9ja in Nigeria. You can also cash-out your game online even when your game has not yet finished. Bet9ja is accessible by different kinds of Smartphone. The new platform now enables you to access the site through a web browser like the Firefox or Google Chrome.

Click here to visit >> Bet9ja

4. Naijabet

Naijabet is also one of the best betting websites in Nigeria. It is quite easy for you to use and stake your games. There are different kinds of sports you can also bet in Naijabet like; athletics, basketball, boxing, cricket, football, golf, ice hockey, motor racing, rugby, snooker, and tennis. If you want to make a payment, you can do so using Interswitch Debit Cards, ATM Cards and wire transfer (international deposits) or use direct deposit into your account.

Once you stake your game and you win, you’ll be paid in full without any issue. And your winnings are credited to your NaijaBet account as soon as your winning bet is confirmed. The minimum bet is ₦100 and the minimum payout is N500 at once.

Visit site here >>

5. Surebet247

Surebet247 is Nigerian popular website for online betting. This betting site comes with a 100% bonus on first deposit and equally a bonus on accumulated bets with a good odd. Once you play and win a game, you’ll be cashed as quickly as possible. The maximum win is ₦1,000,000. The winnings exceeding this amount will be reduced to the limit. The minimum amount to withdraw is ₦1,000. The maximum amount to withdraw is limited by ₦500,000 at one time.

Just like others, there is also an option for you to create an account online. If you win via an online bet and want to withdraw your cash, you’ll need to click on the Withdrawal Request button and enter the desired amount. The admin will approve it and your money will be credited to your account within two working days.

Visit >>

6. AccessBET

AccessBet is another online betting site that you need to put into consideration because of its high odd. It is considered as one of the popular betting sites currently and has even continued to grow in the social media. Just like the other popular sites, there are betting games like dog and horse races and even coupled with a 3D virtual football matches. If you want to access your registration process, it is fast, and equally comes with an easy deposit.

Click to visit the official website.

7. 9jaPredict

The 9japredit betting site is quite a cool deal with a nice odd. This is because of the fact that not only does it allow you to bet games; you can also see the latest football predictions in every match due to be played. So, therefore, you have a high chance of winning on this site so far you follow the predictions you’re been offered.

Once you create an account on 9jaPredict, the method of withdrawal is quite easy and there is also a payout for you once you win your staked game. Not only that, you can also earn up to ₦200,000 monthly by referring new users to 50% referral bonus is given for 2 active referred users.

Go to to visit the website.

8. LovingBet

LovingBet is another betting site which is growing at a fast rate. Just like bet9ja, this site also comes with a 100% bonus offer at every first deposit once you create your account. You can set up your own account by accessing the website online via your Smartphone or computer devices. Apart from normal soccer games, there are other available ones to play like a casino, video poker, table games, virtual games such as dog and horse races, virtual soccer, etc.

If you want to place a bet, the minimum bet-fee for it is about ₦50, and the maximum win is ₦5, 000, 000. You can also place a live bet on a match that is currently playing at the moment. When you win, you’ll be paid your money within just 24 hours from your LovingBet account.

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9. 360Bet

The 360Bet is another online betting site that offers a huge odd on each game played. It also offers you a 100% bonus offer on first deposit once you’ve created your account. There are lots of options which you can be able to choose. The minimum deposit amount of 360Bet is about ₦2,000 with a ₦30,000 bonus for an online game stake. You can withdraw your cash once you’ve won within just 24 hours. You can also decide to withdraw your cash even though your game is still in play.

If you’re a 360Bet agent, you’ll be offered a 30% rate as your weekly profit. While those that are been considered as the super Agents are been offered a 45% rate.

Click here >> to visit the site.

10. Bet365NAIJA

 Bet365Naija is the highest betting site in Nigeria. After been originally developed in the UK, another version of the site was developed in Nigeria. This betting site has one of the largest odd that you can ever imagine. You stand the chance to get about 30% on weekly profit once you register as one of the agents. There is also an option for you to create an online account if you don’t want to be booking your games on the paper bet slip. You’ll still be cashed out with the bonus associated with it even online, so you can redirect it to your account for withdrawal.

There are popular sports been involved in this site like; soccer, cricket, darts, rugby, tennis, baseball, basketball, and even hockey.

Click here >> to visit the site.


Now that you’ve seen the list of the top Nigerian betting sites, you can now drop your Comment in the box below let’s know your view


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