Top 10 Platforms to Submit Short Stories | Get Paid for Writing

Are you good in Writing Short Stories? Do you know you can get paid for writing and Submitting  Short Stories online? Well, Here is an article that will enlighten you on the best and Top 10 Platforms where you can Submit Short Stories and get Paid Just for Writing.

Most of us are talented in Writing Short Fiction, It’s high time you take them to a platform that will pay for your stories. In this article are the 10 best platform you should Consider when you want to Submit Stories of that Nature online. There pay are good, And we also urge you to also go through the Platforms thoroughly so that you will Know the kind of Stories or Write-ups to present.Top 10 Platforms to Submit Short Stories Image

When you Write, Make Sure they are handy. Your Short Stories should be able to touch the heart of the readers, then can you be asked for More.

Below are our top picks of the best platforms.

Top 10 Platforms to Submit Short Stories | Get Paid for Writing

Here are the good websites to submit your Short Stories:

AGNI was founded in 1972 at Antioch College by undergraduate Askold Melnyczuk. It accepts short Contemporary fiction and Poetry, essay and Non-fiction, it works both offline and Online. If you want to Sumbit your Short Stories Here, you do so between September and May of every year.

It pays $10 per printed page (up to a max of $150) plus a year’s subscription, two contributor’s copies and four gift copies.

This is a Literary Magazine that publishes One short story every three to four weeks, and not just that, the Story Should be enough to keep the Readers Entertained, Satisfied and Even Wanting More.

Submission of Story here is done every year, between September to may. It pays $500 plus 25 contributor copies.

Here, it is the Story that Counts. A story that can be Engaging, Motivating, and Making the Reader also wanting More. This platform rarely Publish more than three Short Stories per issues. The Period of Short Story Submission here is between June to September.

It pays $20 per printed page plus two contributor copies

This platform is always open for Submission of your Short Stories. It believe in a General guidelines given to Writers that A general familiarity with what we have published in the past is the best guide to what we’re looking for. So you can Check out the Site and follow it’s Guidelines. It publishes in fiction and Non-fiction. It pays $100-$200 depending on genre and length.

The New Yorker accepts both standard short fiction as well as humorous short fiction, Submission here is always Open. It is one of the best Platform to work with. Payment here is Specified for Short Stories.

Here, the editors look for quality writings/stories that’s also edgy and funny. So it is the Best for any funny and Short Stories. It is always Open for books, comics and other Categories. It pays $50 plus two contributor copies (print journal); unpaid (online issue).

The platform accepts Fiction and Non-fiction which is up to 8,000 words. They do not accept science fiction, erotica, westerns, horror, romance or children’s stories. There Submission fee is $3 and they pay $100 to $300. Submission here is between October to May.


The Georgia Review features a variety of essays, fiction, book reviews and more across a wide range of topics. Submission here is done between May to August. It requires a $3 processing fee if you’re not a subscriber, and it pays $50 per printed page.

The purpose of The First Line is to jump start the imagination to help writers break through the block that is the blank page. It deals with Fiction between 300 and 5,000 words and Non-fiction 500-800 words. Submission of Short Stories is February (spring); May (summer); August (fall); November (winter) and it pays $25 to $50 (fiction); $25 (nonfiction) plus a contributor’s copy.

Do you have Short Stories people haven’t Seen Before? and When they See it, they will be wanting more. then this is the best Platform to Submit it. Crazyhorse welcomes general submissions of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from September 1st through May 31st except for the month of January when it only accepts entries for the Crazyhorse Prizes.

It pays $20 per printed page (up to a max of $200).

That’s all to the List of Platforms to Submit Short Stories and Make excess Money online just for Writing. Hope you can work with any of them?

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