Top 8 Android Currency Converter Apps for Your Device

Are you a businessperson that engages in international trade? Or are you the kind of person that travels a lot in different kinds of countries? Then you surely need a currency converter app to guide you. With a currency converter, it will be quite easier for you to know how the currencies exchange rates actually work. So anytime you intend to travel to any country to do business, then the currency converter is the actual tool for you. Due to this reason, this site has decided to prepare for you the top Android currency converter apps.

It’s fortunate that there are several kinds of Android currency converter apps available for Android phones and all of them working almost the same way. All you need do is to select any of these apps to start learning more about them. So you have to read further below and see the top Android currency converter apps for you.

List of the Top Android Currency Converter Apps

 These Android currency converter apps have been detailed for you alphabetically below.

#1. Currency Converter

Currency Converter App.

Currency Converter is an accurate conversion app for your Android device. This app tends to help you with your day-to-day business transactions. With this app, you can be able to know the rates of popular currencies. Updates are also needed for this app in order to keep the currency rates in line with the market, but they can be automatically scheduled or even manually initiated.

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#2. Convert PadConvertPad Currency Converter.

Convert Pad is one of the best currency converter apps for Android. The app works as a Unit converter, currency converter and a currency and unit calculator. It is quite popular for its intuitive interface and handy features, which deliver real-time currency and unit conversion rate. Convert Pad supports about 106 currencies above and is customized to handle whatever unit of measurement or currency is needed to be converted.

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#3. Easy Currency Converter

Easy Currency Converter.

Easy Currency Converter supports about 180 currencies with live exchange rates. One thing about this app is that it enables you to monitor the currency rates through a graph. Not only that, it also supports Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency metals.

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#4. Forex Currency RatesForex Converter App.

Forex Currency Rates is another app which is important for your trading business. It helps to keep track of all world currencies, and also enables you to keep up-to-date with the latest money trends. The app supports major precious metals, including gold and silver.

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#5. My Currency ProMy Currency Pro Converter.

My Currency Pro also has an attractive interface which allows you to set a home screen widget to keep you up-to-date with live exchange rates. It handles about different new virtual currencies, and also other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others. Automatic updates are also available so as to keep the user current with the world’s exchange rates.

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#6. Unit ConverterUnit Converter

Unit Converter is a free app with an instinctive mechanism with a beautiful interface. It handles different unit conversions, which is simple and easy to use. Not only that, it also supports multiple conversions with over 60 currencies all over the world.

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#7. XE CurrencyXE Currency Converter.

XE Currency is considered as one of the best downloaded and popular currency apps on the store. This app presents the latest data on world currencies and also precious metals. This app not only provides live exchange rates and charts, you can also set an XE Rate Alert to monitor your favourite currencies for immediate notification. It also stores the last updated value of currencies to help you make offline conversions.

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