Top 8 Nigerian Free Dating Sites to Meet, Chat, and Relate Online

The use of the internet has continued to grow even in this present global world. Its development has even lead to an increase in many online dating sites. These online platforms are based on the prospect of two people meeting each other to develop a lovely relationship which might even sometimes lead to the case of marriage between them. The case is not different in Nigeria as there are also lots of Nigerian free dating sites to choose from.

The Nigerian free dating sites allow you to meet different kinds of people to hook up with in Nigeria. You stand the chance to date those that are single, men or women who had previously got married but divorced, or even people of the same sex. The motive of these popular sites is for you to be able to find your perfect long-term partner through a friendly, cordial, and safe environment. That is why this site has put together about eight Nigerian free dating sites for you.

Top 8 Nigerian Free Dating Sites

The list of these dating sites has been properly arranged for you alphabetically below, in order to choose one of your choices to sign up.

1. Afro-Romance

Afro-Romance is one of the top Nigerian free dating sites which allow you to discover black singles in Nigeria. Countless black singles in Nigeria looking for a healthy relationship should probably consider switching to the Afro-Romance site as a proper guide. If you’re interested, all you need do is to sign up to the website. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be allowed to search for the kinds of people that interest you so that you’ll be properly matched.

To get started with the Afro-Romance, just click on this site >>


First Met online dating site helps you to meet single people of your choice. The site is considered as one of the most widely used with millions of users having been registered to the site. One interesting thing about this site that grows its popularity is that apart from being single all life if you’ve been married before and been currently separated, the opportunity is just there for you on First Met to help you build a new relationship. Once you sign up, you have the opportunity to flirt, chat, and even date online upon your match.

To visit the site, click here >>

3. Meet Nigerians

Meet Nigerians is another cool dating site in Nigeria which is practically classy. This site was developed to help Nigerians in the US and the UK who are looking for love friendship to meet each other. Luckily, some Nigerians living in popular cities like Lagos, Abuja, and probably Port Harcourt equally have the chance to find love in this dating site. Once you sign up and have completed your registration details, you’ll be required to upload a brief video of yourself for confirmation. This site comes with different level upgrades, and each coming with some certain things you can do and limitations. For instance, the Gold membership allows you to be sending SMS to other members. You also have to make purchases depending the fee charges and the duration been stated for you.

Click here to sign up >>

4. Mingle2

Via the Mingle2 dating site, you can be able to find Nigerian single women and choose one of your choices. For single parents looking for a relationship, this site is just the right deal for you to flirt and chat online. And also, there’s also an online chat room where you can engage in conversations with other members on the site.

Click here to sign up>>

5. NaijaPlanet

The NaijaPlanet dating site is quite versatile than the previous dating sites above. Here, you can be able to meet different kinds of people in some different parts of Nigeria and different ethnic groups in the country. Not only that, Nigerians based abroad are also been brought together to build a perfect relationship online via this site. You can also meet singles from other parts of the world who are seeking friendship, romance, and marriage.

There’s also the need for you to send messages and also engage in chat rooms on NaijaPlanet. Upon your sign up, you can also view other member’s photos if you want to. And you also have the ability to communicate and share ideas with other members on the site.

Sign up here >>

6. Nigerian Dating Agency

Join the Nigerian Dating Agency community and be able to browse and chat with a huge amount of Nigerians online. Be it single girls, boys, ladies, guys, men, and women, this site is just the right deal for you. And one other thing about this site is that it doesn’t segregate based on ethnicity. This is because of no matter your ethnic group, you can still date anyone who is not your fellow tribe.

To signup, just click here >>

7. Sexy Naija

SexyNaija is also another online free online dating site in Nigeria you need to look into. The site allows you to find your perfect serious love relationship. You don’t have to be bothered about the prospect of finding your partner in this site, because there are thousands of members who have signed in and are ready to get started with you.

Click on this link to sign up >>

8. Soul Singles

Soul Singles is another Nigerian free online dating site that allows you to meet with black people via the online site. Singles allows you to find your long-lasting relationship who is just your perfect match.  That is why it’s been considered as the fastest growing dating site where black people meet to find perfect love.

Once you sign up to this dating site, you’ll be required to create your free profile. Then you have to browse to search for friends to connect with. One other thing about the Soul Singles dating site is that it also allows you to seek for an advice prior to love, relationships, and life.

Click here to sign up >>


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