Top Five Gossip Trends This Year

Hello friends! Lets check out the top five gossip trends this year; the type you didn’t forget to comment on. Now as the year is winding up, we will have a review of the things that cut your fancy this year.

Top Five Gossip Trends This Year

  • The Wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: This took the whole world by surprise as Prince Harry declared his interest to marry the former Hollywood actress, of course who can believe that the old Meghan can marry a man like Prince Harry, the wedding was not just fascinating it was awesome, now again Meghan have been found pregnant.
  • The Surprising Pregnancy News by a Nigerian popular blogger, Linda Ikeji: It used to be a gossip but it’s now a reality, the popular Nigerian blogger who used to preach celibacy, feminism and all that took her fans by surprise as she was found pregnant and but the bitter part on it is that the baby will only know the word mother.
  • A minister Resigns Because of NYSC Certificate: did you hear about this one too, how the minster of finance in Nigeria was thrown off power because of NYSC discharge certificate, but the thing that kept on surprising me was, how they didn’t find out all that until she gets this far. mhu! Nigeria
  • Ronaldo Cristaino Charged with Rape Attempt: I No Fit Shout!, i don’t know whether to call this one a spiritual attack or a an accusation. Our so called most admired football player charged with rape? it is just so shameful; if you didn’t hear this one before then you are doing so now.
  • Jamil Abubakar infidelity: Did you also heard that the son in law of the richest business man in Africa Aliko Dangote was charged with Infidelity, this took me by surprise especially when his partner kept on demanding for security for fear of being killed by the accused.

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Well that is all for now, we will be bringing you more gossip in on our ladies room and if you have more to share then go ahead, don’t let the words choke you. WINKS

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