Top Free To Use Accounting Software For Small Business And Start-up

The major constraint of small businesses and start-ups is capital. There is always a need to be prudent on the little one available, that is why we have listed Top Free To Use Accounting Software. That is why they mostly sort for alternatives tools that will enhance their output. Needless to say, accounting and booking keeping are major things that cannot be done away with if a business is going to reach its goal. Below is Top Free To Use Accounting Software.

Top Free To Use Accounting Software

These days, instead of employing the service of an accountant or personnel to see to one business account wellbeing, accounting software can be easily be used with just a little knowledge on how to use it. The software can be used to improve efficiency, tax filling, auditing, secure data and among other things.

 However, there are many of this software that mostly comes with a monthly subscription, which might be much to bear for a business that has just started. Thus, in order to reduce the burden on the small business and make them enjoy the usefulness of the Top Free To Use Accounting Software without needing to pay any money, we have researched for the best free to use accounting software that is well-designed for small businesses in order to know which one to pick, to avoid scam and the likes. Let’s check them out, the Top Free To Use Accounting Software

Free to Use Accounting Software for Small Business and Startup

Below are the Top Free To Use Accounting Software;

1. Wave: Wave is one of the top accounting software products offers free usability.  It was created by Kirk Simpson in 2010 and has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada with about 4 million users worldwide. It allows users to add unlimited income tracking, expense tracking, and guest collaborators for free, as well as to invoice and scan receipts. However, Wave charge 2.9% + $0.30 for each credit card payment and 1% (with a minimum of $1) for each ACH payment, if you want your invoiced customers to be able to pay online directly through the invoice, and also you need to pay for payroll through Wave. This largely depend on where you do business. The payment is monthly base fee.

2. ZipBooks: This 2015 founded accounting software has its headquarters in American Fork, Utah. It was actually established to help to freelance professionals, contractors, small businesses, and growing enterprises handle their accounting and bookkeeping needs and allow them to get payments faster.

The software is totally free to use and offers all the crucial features of an accounting software which includes reports, bank syncing, billing, expense management, and invoicing. However, to make payments for your invoiced customers, you can only pay visa PayPal or Square, all in standard rates.

3. Inveezy: This is another free accounting software for small to enterprise level businesses. It was established in 2015 in St Marys, Canada and offers the necessary accounting software features like invoicing, contact management, expense tracking, accounts payable etc. The software accepts Credit Card Payments, and also supports many popular third-party trading platforms, which enables access to a variety of markets worldwide.

It paid packages don’t have free trail but offer a lot of advanced billing features.

4. Akaunting: Another completely free to use accounting software is Akaunting. It was founded by Denis Duliçi in 2017. Like said earlier it is free to use and has no hidden charges and as well contains all necessary features for an accounting software, for small business, these which are invoicing, accounts syncing, tracking expenses, setting up recurring bills, managing  customers, and managing vendors.

In using free Akaunting, you will need to download third-party apps, which will cost you a yearly fee to access online payments and other advance features.

5. SlickPie: This is a cloud-based accounting solution for small businesses that is free to use. It was founded in 2015 and offers double-entry accounting and a decent selection of features, like contact management, expense tracking, accounts payable, automatic data entry, and others.

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This accounting software allows users to connect their PayPal and Stripe accounts for free. Which means that customers will be able to fulfil their invoices with card or PayPal payments online. It however doesn’t have good customer support, has limited features and not suitable for large businesses.

6. GnuCash: GnuCash is personal and small-business financial-accounting software which was originally created in 1998. It is free to download as it is free to use and offers features like customer and vendor tracking, job costing, and Invoicing etc. Though many of its features made to be used by individuals and businesses, it however offers some very specific advanced accounting features that are designed to be used by businesses.

7. CloudBooks: Cloud Books is easy-to-use cloud based bookkeeping and invoice software for small business. It’s not totally free to use, as it has both free and premium versions. Its free trial gives users the opportunity to add unlimited users, invoice, create projects, perform integrated time tracking, track expenses, and provide estimates.

In order to get access to advanced features, that’s when the premium package comes in, the pricing start at $10 per month. This will allow subscribers to be able to send more than five invoices in a month, brand their invoices, and offer online payments on their invoices.

8.  Zoho Books: This is am I accounting software suitable for small business as well as mid-sized organizations. It is free to use and affords users to customize and brand invoice templates, track expenses, and interact with customers through a client portal. ZohoBook allows users to manage multiple time sheets of different projects and tracking of reimbursable expenses. In addition, it allows organizations to connect banks and credit cards to match automated feeds with transactions.

The free version is not forever, users need to upgrade to premium package to access more features. There are three paid  packages on Zoho Books which are: Zoho Books is available in 3 plans:  Basic at $9 per organization/month or $90 per organization/year; Standard at $19 per organization/month or $190 per organization/year and  Professional at $29 per organization/month or $290 per organization/ year.

9. NCH Express Accounts: This is another free desktop accounting software that is good for small business. It offers features that help to easily track payments and deposit transactions, view balances and reports to see how the business is doing, and email or fax reports directly to the accountants. NCH Express Accounts also allows running multiple businesses with a single installation. Though it is free to use and set up, it has several paid packages which starts at $59.9

10. Bright Book: Bright Book is a free online accounting software specially designed for freelancers, contractors, small businesses or anyone who wants to take control of their businesses finances, and to spend less time doing their bookkeeping. It allows the user to perform the basic functions of invoicing, paying bills and reconciling with their bank accounts, but it doesn’t perform double-entry accounting, input journal entries or financial statements, making it not a full-service accounting package.


Top Free To Use Accounting Software is good in order to avoid a monthly cost, which can easily affects a start-up business. It is for this we have compiled the list above for you to know which one to pick out of the many that are available. Using free accounting software, you will have access to basic accounting tools, but to use advanced features you need to upgrade or subscribe to the premium package. This might not be immediately when you begin your business, it should just be in the plan to have more efficient account records and statements.

We hope this information on Top Free To Use Accounting Software was useful, do use the comment box below to comment.

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