Top Gossips About Justin Bieber

If you’ve not said something about him, then you may be saying something else; he is popular, Yes! but have you heard the recent top gossips about Justin Bieber, especially that of his wife.

Am not a gossip though, but i like talking about people. Justin Bieber is a popular musician, in fact a Canadian singer and a song writer. He was single-handedly raised by his mother and Grand mother Patricia “Pattie” Mallette and Diane.

Justin school live was way back at Stratford French-language immersion where he did his elementares and then at Jeanne Sauvé Catholic School. During this time, he learnt how to play Piano, guitar, drum and gained a little knowledge on how to handle other musical equipment.

Mallette, his mother has always prayed to have a Jewish boy because she believed in Judaism. She said she asked God for a Jewish boy and not for a Justin boy. At 13, Justin was lucky to meet with Scooter Braun who searched for him after coming across his music by accident.

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He came looking for him all the way down to his school, he contacted Justin’s mother, although it was never easy to let this Christian guy go, but she did. Justin was later signed to Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG) which is a media company and a specialist in music production and promotion.

And today, Bieber has won countless awards and recognition including the Grammy Awards, American Music Award, Best Dance Recording and so many others.

And Hello!, the little supposed Christian boy who is now a global star is married to a known African Model and a Television Personality. The 24 year old Bieber and his 21 year old wife Hailey Baldwin are currently one of the the world’s most recognized personality, they have are now as popular as Air.

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Now, what would you have to say about them and Please don’t tell me you you don’t know them. Catch Ya!


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