Top Ten Affordable US Cities for you to Explore

The United States is a place of vacation spots that offer plenty of things to do. But the fact still remains that the country is amongst one of the most popular and high-cost places to live. When you think about your budget, and how it’s hard to live in the country once you got nothing to fetch you money, then you have to consider retracing your steps to the ten affordable US cities. You have to bear in mind that there are big expensive cities like the New York where people with awesome income normally base.

Fortunately, the United States has many affordable, economically vibrant metropolitan areas that offer great job prospects, low living costs, and a bevvy of lifestyle options for people from all walks of life. The cities outlined for you here are not just affordable, but they’re all relatively large cities with impressive cultural attractions, strong social institutions, and stable economies. So, if you’re planning on going to America but doesn’t possess that kind of wealth, you have to consider the ten affordable US cities for a start.

List of the Ten Affordable US Cities

These ten affordable US cities have been provided and detailed for you below based on Alphabetical order.

BirminghamThe Repair Service Center, Birmingham.

Birmingham is located in Alabama and sits near the southern terminus of the Appalachian Mountains. Birmingham has plenty of decently compensated white-collar professionals whose “ordinary” salaries facilitate downright princely lifestyles. Not all, Birmingham also has long been a destination for the steel industry, making it easier to get work in the factory. It has a local sales tax rate of 4% and a 5% flat state tax rate.

BuffaloBuffalo, the Skyscraper City.

Buffalo is New York’s best affordable place and one of the best in the US. Buffalo is a home to an emerging cluster of healthcare organizations and universities that have collectively stabilized the region’s employment and brought job growth back to the city’s core. For residents who don’t mind harsh weather or lower salaries than their downstate counterparts, this is a great place to make a life. The local sales rate is within 8.82% just a bit below Des Moines. And the Local sales tax stands at 8.75%.


Aerial of Capital Building, Downtown, Columbus.

Columbus has one of the strongest economies and the most educated populace compared to some parts of the US. Located in Ohio, Columbus boasts world-class cultural institutions such as the Columbus Museum of Art and the sprawling Franklin Park Conservatory. If you have the ambition to work, then Columbus is just the actual place to develop. The State income tax rate of Columbus is about 5.2% while the Local sales tax rate is about 5.75%.

Des MoinesAerial image of the City of Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

Located just two hours east of Omaha, Des Moines is another Heartland city with quite a good economic setup. Des Moines remains one of the country’s most affordable and friendly metro areas with an economic power and growing crop of newcomers and Bargain-hunters. The tax rate of the state income is quite high compared to the other ten affordable US cities mentioned here with a 9% rate.

IndianapolisAerial view of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, Indianapolis, USA.

Located in Indiana near the geographical centre of its state, Indianapolis is a transportation hub that is perfect for residents who travel for work. Indianapolis also contains a stunning variety of urban, suburban, and semi-rural neighbourhoods that appeal to just about every type of resident. Indianapolis is surprisingly drawn by low living costs and high quality of life. The state income tax rate is about 3.4% while the local Sales tax rate is about 8.6%.

Las VegasCity of Las Vegas, USA.

Las Vegas is located in Nevada. It is one of the most affordable big cities in the Pacific Time Zone. The city is an emerging hub for the technology industry, and its relatively low land and labour costs make it a popular financial back office as well. It’s practically an affordable place to make your purchase. If you’re wondering about the tax rate, probably there’s no state income tax rate but the local sales tax rate stands at 8.1% which is pretty cool.

MemphisPerfect View of Memphis,USA.

Memphis is Tennessee’s second-largest population centre with a population of about 1.3 million. It’s been located on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River and borders parts of Mississippi and Arkansas. The city has a cheap housing and low gas prices which attributes to its soft local economy. Additionally, there are no state, city, or county income taxes in Memphis, but the local sales tax rate is just about 9.25%. Memphis experiences few severe weather events, offsetting some of these added costs.

OmahaOmaha Nebraska City Guide, USA.

Having based in Nebraska, Memphis is a city that counts a low-key, slightly awkward investor as its patron saint is probably a good place to live, work, and raise a family. Omaha’s economy has emerged stronger than ever from the financial crisis and subsequent recession. But the city’s unemployment rate is still below the national average, energy firms, and logistics businesses that buttress its economy never really stopped hiring during the downturn. The state income tax rate is 6.84%, whereas the local sales tax rate is about 5.5%.

Salt Lake CityCity Guide, Real Salt Lake, USA.

Salt Lake City is among the country’s most affordable metro areas in Utah. It also boasts of economic assets that provide a young, well-educated, active population with enviable upward mobility. Also, with average hotel prices hovering around $150 per night or less, an inexpensive trip to Salt Lake City is possible year-round. The state income tax rate is about 5% flat rate, with also a local sales tax rate of about 6.85% rate.

San AntonioThe Neon Lights of Downtown, San Antonio.

San Antonio is a city with rich cultural history with about 1.3 million people that is located in Texas. It boasts of a collection of bars, trendy restaurants, tourist shops, and authentic mom-and-pop stores. Rent is fairly expensive in this tourist-friendly part of town, but San Antonio has a low housing and fuel costs. San Antonio River boasts the Riverwalk, a miles-long San Antonio isn’t just for tourists and economic refugees. San Antonio has no state income tax, but about 6.25% local sales tax rate.


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